AutoRoute 2013 Trial
Just started to download the 3+ Gb of files, but the site says it's 2013.
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks for the good news, GerardJanice! I downloaded mine a few days ago, but I haven't got around to installing it. If I notice some yet unmentioned new feature, I'll edit the review here.
A propos of nothing other than having downloaded and played with the 2013 trial version over the last week, I would mention that whereas the 2010 version does recognize my exact home address in England (a house that has existed for the last 50 years), no matter what search variations or combinations I apply, 2013 can't locate my house, and meekly accepts the local postcode only.

I'm guessing Navteq are responsible for this improvement in 2013's mapping database.

Progress is a wonderful thing.
The upside for us is that we shall be going to Romania & Bulgaria in 2013 and the much improved mapping for those countries will be most useful. This means that I will not need to use my new Garmin I've just bought!
That's what I thought, see: "Autoroute 2013 will I ever buy another version?"
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