"Construction information for your route is out of date" message won't go away
Hi Steve,

At this time the construction update is exclusively for S&T 2013. I don't have any further info about the previous versions.
The fix for the construction update message not clearing in S&T 2013 may have worked in December but the problem is back for January.
But it works fine tonight.
Looks like we are back to the problem of the construction information update message not clearing in S&T 2013. Hopefully Larry can get someone to "flip the switch".
Looks like Larry needs to get someone to hit the switch again.
You would think that they would at least put out a patch that would allow the "outdated" message would be taken away, if they are not going to be doing anymore updates.
Originally Posted by Larry
OK. Microsoft is aware of this construction update issue. It needs to be fixed on the Microsoft end so there is nothing you can do at the moment to 'make it work'. Sorry for the lapse. Thanks for your patience.
Bing Maps is just not a replacement for offline mapping. What product does MS have that will replace Bing Maps?

Free access points to connect to get the maps from the internet?

I think many people liked having the hard drive space used by the software and updating often just for the flexibility that the software offered when you were not connected to the internet.

I used this lost my software disk a year ago and need to reload it. I used this to navigate and to route along with keeping track of time spent on each stop for billing customers and BING MAPS does not have that ability.

Bring back Street and Trips plz
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