Use your phone as a GPS Receiver and send out the data over Bluetooth to laptop
I have had customers ask to use their phones GPS with Microsoft MapPoint, and after looking at MapPoint found it did not actually pair with the device to receive the GPS Data.

After some investigation, I used my GPS NMEA Bluetooth transmitter Android App and used the free version of GpsGate client for Windows.

GpsGate connects to the Bluetooth Phone and then creates a virtual COM port that MapPoint can detect.

The GPS NMEA Bluetooth Transmitter just sends the GPS data to the computer and MapPoint then uses it as if it is plugged in.

Now you don't need to buy expensive GPS receivers or have them plugged into your laptop, just use the phone you already have.
Ken in Regina
That's a neat tip. Thanks and welcome to the forum.


The customer was happy
Great! Almost too good to be true!!
I made this arrangement despite my phone GPS is a little on the weak side, and it losses signal very easily. The app I downloaded does not help things a lot, at first it connected with GPSGate well and now it won't, no matter what I do. Downloaded an old nRoute version because the most detailed maps in my region are made for Garmin but I won't pay that kind of money after they discontinued MobilePC for narrowing the availability and forcing the consumers. I need to use my laptop as well for engine diagnostics and monitoring, navigate, rear-view camera, controlling my HAM radio...and playing music.
Lobo - what software are you using for that? I use Centrafuse. For navigation, I use CoPilot.
I'm using the outdated nRoute, as it's the only software able to run in a laptop with the most updated and wide map selection for my country: Venrut. Unfortunately I've had some connection issues with the BT and the GPSGate not connecting... they've a relationship a little hormonal; anyway I downloaded NMEA GPS Sender and it works great; the paid version of Bluetooth GPS from meowsworld and it connects pretty good after playing a little around, which I can tolerate; and another one called GPS over BT that is free... but I think I'm going to uninstall this last one as the permits it asks seem to be excessive for my like. Just for the records, I'm buying a new Globalsat because noticed in this cloudy and rainy days the phone has a very low reception... considering it's a phone, and not a dedicated device for satellite work, I believe it will be better use it just as a support. In electrical storms it also loses the BT connection with the laptop. Anyway will keep using it as a tryout until my new unit arrives.
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