Is Streets & Trips 2013 compatible with POI Mega File 2011?

I want to know if I have S&T 2013, if that will be possible to use Magafile 2011 or I have to take MegaFiles 2013

Sorry for my bad English. I'm French Canadian on the road in USA.
Using the 2011 version of the Megafile is not recommended with S&T 2013. Here are a couple reasons. 1) Attempts to open the S&T file will cause it to have to convert it to 2013 version and that will take a LONG time. It also will SHOW all the pushpins and you'd need to re-hide them all. 2) The 2013 file has more accurate and updated information in the collections. The 2011 version may contain stale data which could lead you astray in your trip planning.

Hope that helps.
Thank you very much.
Than I'll wait to receive my S&T 2013 (I ordered) before using MegaFile 2013...

I hope receive it soon...

May I ask an other question here ??

If, by mistake I saved a file on another file (my road of the day) there is a way to find it back.. or it is definitively loose ??
If you overwrite a file then I would think it has been updated.
Ok Thank you verry much, yesss that what happen to.

I received may S&T 2013..yesssssss Can I keep my 2 others S&T( 2010-2011) it's to help fiends who have only 2010 or only 2011.??

Now I have 2 S&T but Can I have the 2013 to than keep my 3 S&T ??? I have megaFile for each.

thanks for your answer.... everyone

I didn't try it with the 2013 version, but in the past i installed multiple versions of s&t and i got no problem, each version installed in its specific folder.

But the file association of data files if you click on one of them would open the most recent version of s&t, but you can still open old versions of .est files inside the old installed versions of s&t. But don't open an old file with a new version of s&t cause there is a risk you'll save a converted version .est file which would not open anymore in older s&t versions...

I hope i am clear enough in the details
Yes MisterMoonlight, your are clear enough.

That's what I do, with version 2010-2011 but if somebody can tell us if we add the new version 2013 on my PC with my old version 2010 and 2011 to, if everything will work like before.

If I can keep my 3 versions (2010-2011-2013) on my PC I will help many people with their trip and how to use the S&T on the road, that why.

Thanks MisterMoonlight and other we answer from other members that will be appreciate...
Must I open and other topic for that ???

I'm on the road in Texas... and I use my MegaFile... yessssss !!
I just bought S&T 2013 and the new mega file of POIs won't open. Says it's not compatible.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi koa2053, and welcome to the forum. What is the exact name of the file you have difficulties with?
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