Need help using Ibycus Topo 4.0 and MapSource
I've successfully installed Ibycus Topo 4.0 and MapSource 6.16.3 on my Vista system. (THANK YOU, Dale, for the outstanding work!).

The maps are displaying fine in MapSource. Using the Map Tool, I select a small subset of the map tile, then send it to my old trusty Etrex Legend. Unfortunately, the entire 6.8 MB tile is transferred, not just the small map area that I've selected.

I've delayed buying a newer Garmin unit because my old Etrex works fine for my canoe excursions to Quetico.

No doubt this is a simple cockpit problem. Any help for this neophyte is appreciated!

Thank You
As far as I know, the smallest segment that can be selected is shown by the squares on the map when the map tool is selected. The size is listed under the 'Maps' tab.

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Ken in Regina
Terry is correct. You cannot transfer less than a full tile.

I agree that Dale has done a marvelous piece of work.

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