How to re-instal iGuidance without the help from iNav
I've got two copies I paid a lot of money for and I can't re-install them because of the license manager. I've sent email and called (they hid their phone but it is still (714) 442-2555) but you get a voice message directing you to leave a message.

Does any one know how I can get them re-installed without Inav help?

ETA this is why no matter what they say never ever buy software with license managers. You will get ripped off sooner or later when you need to re-install it and they no longer "support" your license that you paid for.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi CedarTree, and welcome to the forum. Are you saying the license manager doesn't allow you to return your license back to their server?
Thanks Marvin!

That's what I am saying.

I got an answer saying basically I can upgrade to the 2011 version and that would work for me. So I have (2) upgrades to do If I wish to install it.

I just bought CoPilot Live (laptop) and I still like iGuidance better.

I am very unhappy I can't re-install my 2009 version (on 2 separate laptops with 2 separate licenses) both get errors when trying to install. I left my license info online and in email to sales@ as well.

I think it is stupid of us to keep supporting companies who do this sort of thing OR having to keep paying for maps and software we don't really own.

Oh well. I like it for instance that I bought OziExplorer and I can feed in DRG maps any time for any part of the world and get a pretty decent idea of where I am or where I need to go (valuable for the mountain lands of NM) despite lack of roads, etc.

The maps are free and I can keep using OziExplorer until it's no longer able to run on whatever I happen to be using then.

Any way, I dock the laptops into vehicles and navigation was something high on the list of priorities. I got two newer units and moved everything to those but on the older units I tried to uninstall and got the same error (on both) when trying to use the utility ...

I know there is not much that I can do. I'm just sorry iNav didn't make it.
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