nRoute doesn't see my new Dakota 20 but MapSource does
Hi all,
My name is Lindsay (from Perth, Australia).
I owe you all a big thanks (especially Ken from Regina) as your forum has been invaluable to me over the years beginning with my first Garmin gps12, back when Mapsource had a GPS tab (I wish I had not upgraded).
Anyway I have a new problem not previously covered so I better get to the point: I lost my GPSMAP 76CSx & I have just replaced it with a Dakota 20. The people at Garmin were amazing by transferring all my maps including my lifetime updates Australia and New Zealand 2013.10 to the new Dakota 20.
I want to start using nRoute again with my new GPS (The MAP 76 connected ok) but no GPS appears in the USB field when I search for a GPS.
All my maps are paid for and unlocked: North America, Europe & Aus. (I love Fly/Drive holidays)
I had to use the reverse tool to put the updated maps in to nRoute and think I may need to change the registry to support a new GPS.
I must have had to do this for the MAP76 but that was a decade ago Please can anybody help me? My bet is Ken will know the answer (I am hoping).
I have Mobile PC & A GPS10 working but much prefer nRoute.
Much appreciation
I know it is more difficult, if not impossible, to use newer Garmins as external GPS devices.

Just in case you can't use the Dakota 20 as an external GPS, consider a standalone GPS device such as the BU-353 S4. If you get a free copy of GPS Gate and set it up to use this GPS, all your maps that were unlocked before will work in nRoute.

Ken in Cape Breton
I see you mentioned you have a GPS10. You should be able to use nRoute with that.

I have a GPS20 (similar to the 10 but wired, not Bluetooth) and I seem to remember it works fine with nRoute (I don't have it at home so I can't confirm this).
I was able to use my Oregon with nRoute without problem. In the Setup Menu there was an Interface item with several options and one of those worked. Just looked at the Dakota manual online and it does not appear to have that capability.

Have you tried using GPSGate? I have read that it will work with some of the Nuvi's that are not normally seen by laptop software. See this: http://forums.gpsreview.net/viewtopic.php?t=16347

BTW, Mapsource is not really "seeing" your Dakota in the same sense as nRoute and it wouldn't help if you had an old version of Mapsource. Your Dakota behaves like a USB disk and that is all Mapsource can "see". If you send waypoints to the Dakota (for example), all Mapsource does is deposit a file name Temp.gpx on the Dakota which is imported when you restart it. With the older Garmin handhelds, Mapsource actually "talked" to the device using a special protocol, requesting data to be transfered. Garmin discontinued this system some time ago and none of the current models have that capability. All Mapsource data is transfered by simply reading/writing files on the USB disk.
Thanks everyone I have managed to get GPS Gate to work with my GPS10 & nRroute (much appreciation).
I will keep trying to connect my Dakota 20 & maybe purchase an old map76 again because I think these gps’s are more sensitive & seam to lock on quickly.
Regards Lindsay.
The Dakota 20 may be as sensitive as a standalone device such as the BU 353 S4. However, I know the BU-353 is better than the GPS 10x (and way better than the original GPS 10). For 40 odd dollars you would be a lot better off than bothering with a Map76. You would be amazed how much more sensitive it is and how fast it can obtain lock.

Cheers for that, do you recommend any particular retailer?

Ken in Regina
Hi Lindsay,

Looks like you have been well taken care of. I just want to follow up on Terry's last comment. First, it's worth expanding on his recommendation. He is referring specifically to the SirfStar IV (S4) version of the BU-353. That version has one of the most up to date GPS receiver chips in it.

He was specific about that because if you don't pay attention you could end up with the S3 version. That's actually just fine as long as you do it intentionally and get it for the right price. The S3 version is a very good performer. But the S4 gets a lock a little quicker and handles difficult reception areas better.

Regarding his comment that the BU-353 S4 is "way better" than the Garmin GPS10x Bluetooth GPS receiver, that needs to be put into context.

- the BU-353 S4 is half the price - big advantage BU-353.

- the GPS10x is cordless - small advantage GPS10x.

- I have not noticed any significant performance difference in actual use between the two. Disclaimer: I don't live, work or travel in areas with huge downtown highrise buildings where the BU-353 S4 has its biggest performance edge (handling multipath signals).

- The BU-353 has a magnetic base so you can mount it on the outside of the vehicle. If the laptop is positioned so the cable will allow it - slight potential edge to BU-353.

- The BU-353 S4 will get a cold or warm start location lock a little bit faster than the GPS10x. But in actual use I don't give either one an edge. Here's why. By the time the drivers for the BU-353 load or the Bluetooth manager pairs with the GPS10x, and GPSGate finds the device and assigns the COM port, as soon as nRoute loads and checks the COM port it instantly sees a location.

I just did some testing to verify what I remembered from the last time I used the devices. In actual use there is no practical difference between the devices.

I would never recommend to someone with a GPS10x to replace it with a BU-353 S4.

I've never used a GPS10 so I can't comment.

However, if someone is in the market for a GPS mouse to use with their laptop I would suggest that it really gets down to price and wireless versus cabled. If the cable does not cramp your style (and it clearly does not, since you were using a cable with the 76), the price and minor performance differences combined with the ease of use (no messing about with Bluetooth pairing .. just plug in and go) make the BU-353 S4 the winner, hands down.

I'm not sure why you would pick up another 76 if you were to get a BU-353 S4. The 76 is about the same performance as the older version of the BU-353 and takes more space.

I have an eTrex Legend HCx which works well with nRoute, just as your 76 did. But I'm never tempted to use it with my laptop. It's so much easier to use one of the other two.

I hope that's useful information.

It was the GPS 10 that I said the S4 was way better than. The GPS 10 is Bluetooth and magnetic but that is partially because it worked best when mounted outside the cab - like on the roof. It is a really old GPS chip set. The 10x is a Sirf III similar to the original BU-353.

If you are truly using the original GPS 10, even the original BU - 353 will be a fabulous improvement but must be connected to a USB port. Good long cord on it too!

Wow your general knowledge on these GPS etc. is just unbelievable. I only wish I could add something useful to repay. If ever you pass through Perth, Western Australia please look me up.
My wife & I love to travel particularly in the US & if you driven an RV in LA you will know that a good GPS connected to a large screen Laptop is a marriage saver.
Thanks Again
Ken in Regina
Hi Lindsay,

All the folks who responded are very knowledgeable. I know Terry has at least as much experience with the Garmin stuff as I do, if not more, because we're back and forth fairly regularly in email about it. Boyd and the other Ken may have more still. I just babble more, that's all.

If you want the Reader's Digest version for a quick and direct answer, look for Terry's responses. If you have the time and inclination to read a novel, you'll do okay with mine.

Ken in Regina

Ooops, I noticed that nobody suggested a retailer in response to your question. Your best bet is to just do a search for that product in Oz. You probably have one or more of those "shopbot" type sites down there, as we do here in Canada (eg. www.shopbot.ca). They won't necessarily list all possible sources but will give you a good look at the range of prices.

Here in North America both eBay and Amazon carry them. I buy most of my stuff from either GPSCity.ca or GPSCentral.ca. Right now GPSCity.ca is showing the S4 version for CDN$44.95. Shipping to Oz would likely be a choker.

Oh what the heck... I was curious so I did one for you:


hmmmm.... Today the Canadian dollar is worth just AUS$0.97. If the prices listed in the Oz shopbot search are typical it just might be cheaper to buy something from Canada or the US and have it shipped. I'll leave the complicated financial computations to you.

You also have a "myshopping.com.au" and a "getprice.com.au". Or you can use the US and Canadian versions to search our prices. Knock yourself out!!

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