Looking for a simple HUD by GPS on a laptop

I am looking for a software to display the speed, position (latitude/longitude/altitude) and the compass, by GPS, for a laptop.

I already have a navigation software (Garmin, Sygic, PC Navigator, AutoRoute), but I want a simple interface for displaying in full screen only these parameters, like a HUD display: it must cover all the display, not just a little case like in PC Navigator, which may display them.

The PC must be used in a 4x4 and it will never be used for navigation guidance, but only to display these specified parameters, in full screen...

Well, do you have any idea which may help me or do you know a simple software which will do only that?
I am considering even the write my own program in Visual Basic or something, and just create the 4 buttons on the whole screen with the desired values from the GPS log... but if the software exists, it will really help me out, as I am not good in programming and this may take me a lot of time...

I thank you in advance!
This application is quite a bit more then you require but the opening screen provides most of what you need in a concise easy to view format. I use it with a USB receiver.

The default baud is 4800 but you can change that by specifying your baud as a parameter. Make a desktop shortcut and edit the target properties to do that.

If you don't like it just delete the executable, the config file it writes and the shortcut if you created one.

--- CHAS
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