DeLorme software on Android or Windows 8 devices
Apparently so many devices have 3G capability now days that the price of that chipset is pretty low. And, stand-alone GPS that connect to Tablet with USB are $50 and connect via Bluetooth are $100. So it turns out to be much cheaper to buy Tablet with 3G to get built-in GPS.

Tablet price differences for 1GB vs 2GB of RAM or 32GB SSD vs 64GB SSD swamp whatever the cost of adding 3G/GPS happens to be.
Don't forget you started off talking about Delorme products though. most of the tablets you are seeing run Android and therefore not Delorme.

I just bought a used Fujitsu Stylistic Q550W with Windows 7 on eBay.
It has WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, and GPS (and the standard bunch of Tablet stuff).

It has a 10.1 inch screen to display DeLorme turn-by-turn directions.
Jack for headphones to talk to me, except I will use Bluetooth to talk to my headset.

IF everything works, then, my biggest problem will be sun on the screen.
but, hopefully, the talk will compensate.

It will be a few days for the Tablet to arrive - so I will let you guys know how it works then.
I have a q550 but it is not the 3g model. Excellent screen at 400 NITs and non-reflective and pretty fair in sunlight. I haven't tried Delorme products on it but have tested many of the others including Mobile PC. S&T 2013 and CoPilot Live v8. A very capable if slightly underpowered device with great battery life. And did I say I love the screen at 1280x800!!

Mounting has been a bit of an issue and I am between vehicles right now.

I have a TankBag on my motorcycle and this Tablet should just barely fit inside the map pouch.

I am concerned, however, with the touch screen working.

When they first came out I bought an iPad and its touch screen worked inside my map pouch. I hope the Q550 touch screen will also. Just have to find out when it arrives.
You will have to have extremely small fingers and a really good aim to operate this program from a touch screen. It is not even close to touch friendly!!

Or maybe you know something I don't.

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oh yeah, E-Z Nav. That might work. It is difficult finding anything here as the Canadian data is somewhat limited but I did manage to set a route to an address in Nanaimo. I didn't enjoy the on screen keyboard though and used an rf one!!

I take long motorcycle trips on very back roads, but I plan my route in great detail during snowy months.

So I plot my route on DeLorme (every turn, gas stop, campground, side-trip, etc).
Previously, I exported DeLorme directions as text file, imported in Excel, and edit.
Printed in format to fit the TankBag on my bike (large font to read while riding).
Worked great but lots of time in Excel edit and print.

So I hope Tablet will run DeLorme turn-by-turn directions on screen and talk in my ear. And I can avoid all the Excel stuff.

If everything works as planned, I will not need touch screen while riding, because DeLorme directions will keep running until I get to overnight stop.

If DeLorme/GPS combo fails, I can import directions to Excel as before, but scroll thru on Tablet rather than printing. For that I will need touch screen to work with gloves thru map pouch plastic cover.
I did try it with my Sony DR-BT100CX headset as they were already set up for the q550. As soon as I turned them on they paired and the sound transferred from the on board speaker (next to useless) to the headphones. So that should work fine.

I also gave the OSK another chance and it was ok but I wouldn't like to use it from a distance. Win 7 brings up the OSK indicator you must tap when you tap a text entry area. So it is a 2 step process. I suspect you won't like it.

I tried the keyboard button on the q550 but it always seemed to place the OSK (the same one) in an unfortunate position covering the input area.

BTW, I couldn't find my multi port USB adapter and the q550 only has one port so I didn't use an external DVD drive. I copied the entire DVD to an SD card on another computer and installed from that.

Re gloves through map pouch. I really doubt that will work. You will probably have to become familiar with the stylus, an AAAA battery (yes that is 4 A's) powered thing that doesn't have a silo and can be finicky. Don't lose it.

In a few days I will get to play with my new toy.

I expect a number of bumps in the road - nothing new there.
Terry, I am not sure what you are disagreeing with so I am at a bit of a loss on how to respond.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
Terry, I am not sure what you are disagreeing with so I am at a bit of a loss on how to respond.
Hi SpadesFlush,

Actually he no longer appears to disagree. His original response to you was expressing a concern that maybe the manufacturers are using really cheap GPS chipsets in phones and tablets to keep the prices down. Yours and Malaki's experiences seem to have persuaded him otherwise, as you can sort of see if you read the rest of the thread after his initial response to you.

His initial response was true at one time, especially before smartphones and tablets became so popular. The manufacturers could get away with cheap GPS chipsets when the GPS was a marketing thing and not an integral part of the feature set. Now people have become rather dependent upon them and are really quick to complain - loudly - if they don't get decent performance when they are trying to find the nearest Starbucks or Timmies.

Just to add to the experiences, my HTC Android smartphone GPS is quite good once it has a fix. If I have wifi and cellular data turned off it can be somewhat slow to get that initial fix.

If I have either wifi or cellular data enabled when I turn the GPS on it will usually get the initial fix very quickly (eg. Assisted-GPS).

Either way, once it has a fix it works rather well.

I have dedicated personal navigation devices for my car and motorcycle so I really don't use the phone for vehicle navigation much. Mostly just to find something when I'm on foot somewhere or if I want to do the search with Google instead of the POIs built into my Garmin maps on one of the navigation devices.

I don't have a mount for it in the car so on the occasional times I've used it in the car it has either been in my shirt pocket or laying on the passenger seat. Neither location is particularly good for antenna positioning but it doesn't seem to have any difficulty maintaining a location lock.

My experience with the smartphone GPS does not include any really difficult locations, like real canyons or city canyons. But I would not expect any difficulties if I were to mount it in the tank bag of my BMW F650GS. Except for the small portion of the sky blocked by your body, the GPS has a perfect view from there.

As Terry has mentioned, trying to interact with it physically would be a major frustration. Less so with a tablet, obviously. But if I already had a route programmed into CoPilot Live and simply needed the voice guidance (and if I had a decent Bluetooth headset for my helmet!) I would have no difficulty using it. It's no big deal to pull over and pull off the gloves if I really need to change something.

ALK's maps in CoPilot Live are infinitely better in Canada than DeLorme's. Although I have Delorme Street Atlas and Topo both on my laptop I installed them for evaluation purposes. I would never actually use them for travel anywhere in Canada or Alaska.

The biggest issue today with GPS performance in phones and tablets is finding space for the antenna. The result, especially in smartphones, is that the antenna is smaller than optimal and often located in a position inside the phone that does not allow for the maximum performance the chipset is capable of.

In fact this problem demands the best chipset and location algorithms possible in order to overcome the problem of weak signals due to antenna size and placement. Otherwise, all the folks who know nothing about GPS except how to use an app to find their way to Krispy Kreme will be yelling loudly when it doesn't work.

While I have the attention of you guys with real world experience...

I have DeLorme Street Atlas 2012 which I will run on my new (when it is delivered) Q550W Fujitsu Stylistic tablet with GPS and BT.

So I will run turn-by-turn DeL directions on this Tablet and use the BT to talk to my BT headset. That is my next step - buying the right BT headset - and yes I wear a helmet.

I have found a bunch of BT earbuds like
$60 Sony HiFi BT Stereo Headset with FM Radio - model MW600S
$35 MEElectronics Air-Fi model AF9-BK
They have a little BT receiver and earbuds (buttons for Phone, Vol, music control).

Their specs say they interupt the music when phone call.
HOWEVER, they do not say what actually happens.

For example:
DeLorme GPS software speaks "Turn Left Now"
Do I hear a beep generated by the AF9/MW600 to indicate I have a phone call?
And by the time I touch the Accept Call Button the DeL GPS sfw is done talking !!

Do I just "trick" the AF9/MW600 by pretending Tablet is cell phone?
And if Tablet is running two sfw programs (DeL gps and Music) how does AF9/MW600 distinguish and prioritize??

In short, am I just kidding myself - thinking I can have Music/Radio and DeL GPS ??

BTW:: I have read every word in mfg websites; even downloaded their User Manuals in PDF and read them carefully - none of the above questions are even considered.
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