DeLorme software on Android or Windows 8 devices
Both your music and the SA commands are considered just sounds so the music will not mute when SA makes an announcement. You would need software on the tablet to manage that as it has nothing to do with the BT headset.

So if it was a cell phone instead of my Tablet talking BT to Headset FM Radio
how would Headset know to interupt FM Radio ??
So far only DeLorme SA 2013 will work with Windows 8 also most receivers are not compatible with Windows 8.
Not Completely Useless

So here is my status update::
Have Fujitsu 10" tablet running Windows 7 Pro
SA 2012 runs just fine on this computer
Sierra 3G and GPS chipset - which leave very accurate bread-crumbs

So these 3 pieces work just fine together, creating a GPS navigation turn-by-turn system
SA 2012 is truly stupid
and, yes, I have struggled with DeLorme Tech Support and Forums for Help (to no avail)

If I plot a trip with One Stop (like my home to Tennis) it works just fine.
If I plot a trip with Two Stops (like my home to Tennis to Home Depot) SA fails.
SA does not recognize Successful Arrival at Stop One.
When leave Stop One toward Stop Two
SA decides Off Track and keeps re-routing back to Stop One.

I have tried all kinds of tricks and simplifications to make SA work on Two or More Stops.
no way
There is no such command as Next Leg
or I have actually successfully arrived at This Stop so, please, lets go onto Next Sop.

I can not believe SA is this awful
there are thousands of people using this sfw
and they are ALL going ONLY one stop ??
I find that hard to believe.

There must be some way to make this work !!

I have plotted a route from DC south thru Appalachian mountains to Charleston SC and back home via Atlantic coast. This is 5 days with 5 to 8 stops Each Day. I was planning to use SA for turn-by-turn directions but it looks like SA will never get me out of the First Stop.

help, please.
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