GPS screen sucks? How to make better? DeLorme Street Atlas 2012
I have DeL Street Atlas 2012 run under Windows 7 Pro on Tablet computer.

When I turn on the GPS and ride the route, everything is OK,
the screen is dysfunctional
cluttered with duplicate info
and the info Blocks View of Map

Not the whole map, of course, there is lots of map showing at top of screen
but that is the part of the map I don't care about - way off the route

In Nav Mode this dumb Progress Bar blocks exactly where I am.

i am so frustrated I even read the Manual.

I have turn On and Off all the options I can find trying to make my screen useful.

I need Help, Please.
I am not sure what your problems are, as it has been many years since I used Street Atlas, long having settled on Streets and Trips by the dreaded Microsoft.
Getting better

I found Netbook Mode and that helps on my 10.1 inch Tablet.
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