Does Street Atlas export turn-by-turn directions or only waypoints?
I have DeLorme Street Atlas on my desktop at home and plot complex, back-road routes for my motorcycle.

I am thinking of buying a GPS device to mount on my bike.
And I want to download my DeL SA route back-road route.

I do not know what really gets downloaded
? turn-by-turn directions
? waypoint geo-coordinates

What does GPS then do
? put geo-coordinates on its own map and generate its own directions
? lay my DeL SA route over its maps
? what if DeL SA map and GPS map differ on One-Way road segment, for example

Obviously I have never done this myself. I am trying to decide if this should be my strategy before I buy hardware and find out the expensive way.
Ken in Regina
I can only talk about Garmin. A GPX file containing routing points is transferred to the device. The device then recalculates the route based on the data in the route file and any available routing data in the maps on the device. The line for the route is displayed on top of the map data in the device.

... ken...
So I would have to check the route on the Garmin to make sure it made the same choices as SA between waypoints.

Thanks, that is clear and answers my quesiton.
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