Lowrance PC emulators
Stumbled across these yesterday. Not quite a "gps", but it will run on your laptop.

I wish Garmin would offer something like this so you could "try before you buy". I guess that might not be practical considering the variety of devices and frequency of firmware updates though.

Anyway, I was not familiar with Lowrance before, but have recently gotten interested in other vector map formats. Using the Elite 5 emulator, I was able to take the source code for a quad from my Garmin map, export it from Globalmapper in the Lowrance .lcm format, install and use it. Pretty cool. Too bad you can't actually connect it to a GPS receiver.

If you want to play around, they also have a few sample maps that you can load here:
FWIW, here's an example from my topo map ( that I quickly converted to Lowrance, as viewed in the Elite-5 emulator. Not sure if I'll pursue this any further, but it was an interesting experiment. I started a thread over at gpsfiledepot to see if any other mapmakers are interested in converting their work to Lowrance.

It's kind of cool that you can "test" a map on a GPS that you don't even own.
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Marvin Hlavac
Boyd, does the emulator allow you to use it in connection with a USB or a Bluetooth GPS receiver? Could you actually use it for navigation?

Even if that's not possible, it is still neat!
Well the download page says "the emulators don't actually navigate or show live sonar returns (no transducer or antenna connection)". There is a System menu item for internal/external GPS Antenna. I can't imagine how you would feed live position data to it though.

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