CoPilot Laptop ver 9 TRUCK updated
FYI. They put out an updated version 9 for the TRUCK version. If you go to the "About CoPilot" screen, it should now be version

It contains a bug-fix to make the "drag line" much better, and a state mileage log, and an updated mapset. They also fixed some wackiness about how you had to set up in RV mode.

You don't have to deactivate or uninstall the current one on your machine. Just download the new file from the same link as where you got your original one and run it.

Again - this is post refers to version 9 TRUCK. I do not have any info on non-truck versions.
Thank you Diesel. Worked like a charm. However I did lose my Active Gas Price. Active Traffic is still working as far as I can tell.

Update: I had to click on the "Restore" Icon in the upper right corner to to get it back.
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