How to combine pushpin sets from different maps into the same map
Can you tell me how I can use my pushpin set and your POI Mega File on the same map? Your Mega File is, hands down, the best collection (and most useful) set I've seen.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks for the kind words Carter. I agree that S&T along with the free POI Megafile is a hard combo to beat. But I won't take the credit for it. For the most part, I only assemble the data that others have painstakingly collected. It's a group effort.

How to combine pushpin sets from different maps into the same map:

1. Launch S&T and open the map file with the most detail (let's call this the destination map)

2. Launch a second instance of S&T and open the other map file that has the other pushpin sets. (let's call this the source map)

4. In the source map, go to Legend & Overview pane, then right-click the desired pushpin set, and select Copy

5. Go to the other instance of S&T with the destination map, and on the main menu click Edit > Paste (or just use the Ctrl+v keyboard shortcut)

6. Repeat to copy over additional pushpin sets as needed.

Now you have the POI Megafile with your custom pushpin sets listed on top. The file can get pretty big so feel free to delete entire pushpin sets that don't interest you.

Hope that helps,
Worked like a charm Larry, thank you!

You know, as a trucker, and somewhat of a geek, I've been using S&T (almost) daily since sometime in 2007, and I thought I was getting fairly good at it. After stumbling onto this forum, however, I feel somewhat of a neophyte.

The MS S&T Team, combined with the (collective) members of this community, are a formidable combination/collaboration. I've learned a lot, in a very short time, and I sincerely appreciate the hard work, dedication, and professionalism that is clearly being practiced here.

Thanks again!
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