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"There are some over 17,000 feet - such as the Friendship Highway in Tibet."

Right. I've been on paved roads higher than 11k' in the Alps and in the Andes.
Larry - yes that would explain it - the "extra" pushpin was always a triangle. I was clicking on the pins to see if there was any other information (not that there would be much that would be easy to add)
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If only a comparable database existed for Canada!
Create one!
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One route I didn't see mentioned here is a gravel road over Lemhi Pass. It is on the Idaho/Montana border. You can see the headwaters of the Missouri and Columbia rivers while standing at the summit, which is right on the border.

According to a park ranger I talked to when I was up there, the pass is named for Chief Lemhi, friend of the white man. Or so the lore goes.

I really wish I had been using a GPS antenna when I went up there, as I could post the route. We traveled from the Montana side to Idaho, and drove past the road off of the highway several times before actually turning off. Even then we wondered sometimes if we were on the right track, until the road took a turn and opened onto a huge alpine meadow, and we could see the summit.

Perhaps when I find them again I will scan the pictures and post them here.

And if I ever get up that way again I will create a file for the route and upload it!
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