Garmin Mobile PC keeps searching for a device, then says its not found
try here
free open source maps for garmin devices

use garmin mapsource to "upload" to mobile PC (which needs to be running at the time)
How is that done? It keeps searching for a device then says its not found.
One more thing: my Mobile PC fails to make a route saying "no near roads near destination" No matter how many points i try. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi samerjb,

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Perhaps Garmin Mobile PC cannot create a route, because it thinks you are in the middle of nowhere. First let's get the software to recognize your GPS. Is it a Garmin GPS receiver, or a third party GPS receiver that you use?
Hi Marvin
Thanks for the warm welcome
Ok..I bought the software only. I also bought a USGlobesat Bu 353 which the software recognized without trouble & i got a fix. I labeled that home. I also got the middle east map source ( I am in Bahrain) V4 (the latest). The Mobile PC automatically took the maps from map source allowing me access. There are some cities which Mobile PC cant create any routes too. It gives me error as no near roads & deletes the route. I went back to map source & it did fine & recalculated the whole route as usual. Now i am trying to get the saved routes & way points from map source to Mobile PC but i am not sure if that is possible. I guess this would also be OK..to create what ever i want on map source then transfer it to Mobile PC.
Thanks in advance.
Ken in Regina
Okay, I'm going to try this again. I previously entered a reply but I see that it has disappeared .. don't know why.

I will tell you how to transfer routes and waypoints from Mapsource to Mobile PC in a moment (below). It's quite easy when you know how. But I don't think it will help your problem.

First, you need to know a little bit about map products. They contain a number of important things. They have data about the objects (lines, polygons, symbols .. sizes, colors, etc.) that need to be displayed on the screen to make something that looks like a map. If the map supports autorouting, there must be routing data associated with the map data. And the map may also include points of interest (POIs) like stores, gas stations, hospitals, etc.

For a map to work properly in Mobile PC it needs all of that information in the map file.

Some of Garmin's map products state clearly that they only support limited routing, or no routing at all. In your case, if Mapsource is able to route correctly, that's not your problem. Clearly the map data supports the routing you want to do, when you try it in Mapsource.

So the problem appears to be that the routing data is not getting to Mobile PC. My theory is that Mobile PC is not automatically taking the middle east maps from Mapsource as you thought. You are probably seeing the world basemap in Mobile PC. Basemaps include many of the major roads so you can navigate visually. But they don't usually contain the detailed routing information. So you might see lines on the screen representing roads in the area you are looking at, but Mobile PC doesn't have any routing data to work with.

I think what Mobile PC is really telling you is that there is no routing data near your destination. You can verify that after you transfer the routes over from Mapsource. Here's how to do that.

1. Run Mapsource, create a couple of routes and save that Mapsource file.

2. Exit Mapsource.

3. Run Mobile PC.

4. Run Mapsource and load the saved route file.

5. Click the Routes tab in Mapsource to make sure you can see the routes.

6. Select TRANSFER > SEND TO DEVICE in the Mapsource menus.

7. Wait a few seconds for Mapsource to see what devices it can find.

8. Select "Mobile PC" as the device to send to.

9. The "Routes" button should be checked as the data to send.

10. Click the SEND button.

That will get your routes into Mobile PC for you to work with. (The same process works for transferring Waypoints.) If my theory is correct that the middle east detail maps have not been picked up by Mobile PC, as soon as Mobile PC tries to load one of those routes it will give you the same, or similar, error. If that is the case, you can look at this new thread I just created about how to transfer detail maps from Mapsource to Mobile PC. (Thanks to Marvin for making it a sticky.)

I hope this is helpful.

Dear Ken:
Thanks for taking the time to explain. I have to take your side on this one. Mobile PC did not fully integrate with map source for some reason as you said. I looked closer and all those little details of restaurants & fueling stations are missing in Mobile PC while they flourish in map source. Can not explain it. So i went ahead & downloaded nRoute which this time did the job well. It needed version 2 file though but got the whole thing (routes, way points etc) in order. I tried to send to device from map source to Mobile PC as you have described & map source did not find any; further documenting it cant feel its presence.
I have uninstalled every thing & start over. I have noticed one thing though: map source added nRoute to the same Garmin folder in partition C while it installed Mobile PC on another partition. I am not sure if this is important or not.
nRoute did a force restart with my non Garmin USB GPS. I think i need a gps gate for that to work but i paid for Mobile PC & wish it would work
What should i do next?
Ken in Regina
Yes, nroute will not work with the NMEA protocol that all non-Garmin GPS receivers send out. nroute will only work with the Garmin protocol. The Franson GPSGate program will use any GPS receiver outputing NMEA and will output the Garmin protocol on one port. nroute works very nicely with GPSGate and any GPS receiver.

When you run GPSGate, tell it you want Garmin protocol, then check to see which com port it is using as the Garmin protocol port. In nroute, select UTILITIES > SELECT GPS PORT and tell it which port to use.

What to do next about Mobile PC? I would have to say, call Garmin tech support if you can. I have never had to call them but most people who have called them say they are very helpful.

By the way, I think there is another way to get Mobile PC to see the maps from Mapsource. You need to have a memory card reader and a memory card with the necessary amount of free space. Follow the directions up to the TRANSFER > SEND TO DEVICE step. When you get the list of devices, select the drive with your memory card in it and click the SEND button.

When Mapsource is finished compiling and transfering the detail map file, you should have a file on the memory card named "gmapsupp.img". Copy that file into the home directory of Mobile PC (x:\GarminMobilePC). When you run Mobile PC it should see the detail maps from Mapsource.

I suggest that to test it you only select a few segments for the map so that Mapsource can compile and transfer it quickly and you won't waste a lot of time if it doesn't work right.

I apologize if I've got it wrong. I'm going strictly from memory because my trial version of Mobile PC has run out and I won't get my copy until a few days.

To tell what Map sets you have in Mobile PC, click on Tools - Manage My Data - Map Sets. Then click on the MapSource button. You will see the maps that are loaded with a check mark next to each one that is active.

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