Autoroute 2013 will I ever buy another version?
This post is not going to be of much practical use to other members but I need to get this rant off my chest.

I have been able to put up with the very minor improvements that MicroSoft has made to the software over the years and the out-of-date maps. For me MS changing the all the pushpins was a disaster, but ok I stopped crying and got on with it.

I did my 5886 mile European holiday this year all planned successfully with pushpins (about 5000 low resolution pushpins) for campsites, Motorcaravan stopping places and places to visit. As we all know, what you get in the office is not what you get in practice on the road. In short Autoroute 2013 kept locking up and crashing on the road despite all the tricks I had learned, yes most from this site, the only way I could get round the problem was to split the route into six sections and even then I had to reload the program three times (expensive mobile phone calls from Bulgaria to re-licence my copy).

Just before we left I had just bought a Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT and had taken it with me, it was a lifeline and showed me just how far behind the opposition Autoroute is, in the end I was using Autoroute just to get the coordinates for the Garmin. The next version of Autoroute might just be the last I buy?
Ken in Regina
Hi Janice. Welcome back. Thanks for the followup. I hope your trip was otherwise satisfying.

I'm surprised you say the next version might be your last. I would have expected to hear this one is the last.

Now that you have a Nuvi you might want to take a look at Garmin's Basecamp program. It's a free download. It's not a navigation program. It's a companion program that allows you to manage your waypoints, tracks and routes as well as travel planning. It also allows you to use the track(s) and geotagged photos from a previous trip and turn it all into an "Adventure" that you can share with others.

Garmin is doing a tremendous amount of development of new capabilities for Basecamp. They may be the only manufacturer putting this much effort into enhancing their desktop software. They recently added trip planning features similar to the Microsoft programs. That version is still in beta but it is available for public download for anyone who wants to try it.

If you connect your Nuvi to the PC, Basecamp can use the maps on the Nuvi. When your next lifetime map update becomes available for the Nuvi you can select to download the maps to the PC as well as to the device. Things work a little faster in Basecamp with maps installed on the PC.

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