Garmin nRoute doesn't open. Error: Cannot find file MGAustralia.img
I have been using nRoute on my lap top with Mapsource and Australian maps and eTrex Vista CX.
All was well until I decided to up date the maps from city navigator Australia and NZ 2011 to the latest 2013 version.
I down loaded on line and it shows up ok in Mapsource 6-16-3.
Now my nRoute will not open and has an error message "cannot find file MGAustralia.img " and the only option is to close nRoute. What have I done wrong?
The format for the new Garmin maps has changed and it probably happened with the Australian version between the time of your old version and new version. They are stored in a different place and no longer are available through the registry so nRoute can't see or read them.

Fortunately, some time ago a tool was developed to overcome this issue. You need MapReverseConverter from http://www.javawa.nl/cne2009_multilang.html

Hopefully that will fix everything. But it appears Garmin has made some internal changes to the new maps that Mapsource doesn't like. There are many reports of Mapsource crashes with the last few versions of City Navigator North America and City Navigator Europe. I wonder if this will also affect nRoute? https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?32445-MapSource-Crashes-Frequently-with-CNNANT2013-30-maps

The Australia map is much smaller, so maybe it won't be a problem. Let us know if everything works after you've converted the map and have had a chance to use it a bit.
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