Is cityXplorer compatible with Garmin Mobile PC?
Ken in Cape Breton
Anne & I are off to France next week to spend two weeks in Paris. I recently downloaded cityXplorer™ Europe - Paris, France, Part Number: 010-D0265-00 to my GPSMAP® 76CSx and it seems to be working fine. I'm thinking of also buying a 2nd copy for my laptop (it only costs $9.95) to use with my hardware version of Garmin Mobile® PC or MapSource, whatever works.

Garmin does not list Mobile PC as a compatible product so I'm not sure this can be made to work. Has anyone tried this?
AFAIK, cityXplorer just gives you the exact same map tiles as a section of City Navigator. But they contain additional information that allows routing via public transit on certain Nuvi models (this feature wouldn't be available on the 76csx or GMPC). So I'm pretty sure it would work.

I wonder how long Garmin will offer these maps however. Garmin has removed the advanced pedestrian navigation feature from the new Nuvi models. We had a thread over at GPSReview where a user complained that a recently purchased CityXplorer map was an old version, raising the question of whether they are still updating these maps.
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