Can I install iGuidance 4.0 on my laptop and also on my PDA?
I have iGuidance 4.0 with Bluetooth GPS running on a laptop. I was wondering if I can load the iGuidance 4.0 onto a Dell X51 which has Bluetooth.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, absolutely, I see no reason why not. You can have iGuidance on your laptop and also on your PDA, if you wish (as ling as the PDA meets minimum system requirements).

I have iGuidance 4 on my mobile PC, and also on my PDA phone iMate iJam (as a back up - in case my PC crashes while I'm in the middle of nowhere ).
Sure, you can.

BTW: i am using iGuidance 4 with my Dell Axim X50. It works very well with TTS.
iGuidance v4 requires 2G of storage for maps so make sure you have a big enough SD or CF card.

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