How is the map detail in Microsoft AutoRoute for the metro Rome, Italy area?
Just wondering: How is the detail in AutoRoute for the metro Rome, Italy area? Are there better options for the city of Rome? Thanks...

I think the detail level in Rome is pretty good; see attached sample. There is a more-zoomed-in level or two beyond this but maybe this gives you an idea. I haven't used it on the road in Roma, just Bologna, Ravenna, Parma, etc. in October where it was fine. I cannot compare it to other navigation apps that I do not have.
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Thanks for the screenshot... Looks really good for my purposes...

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Is there going to be an AutoRoute 2014? We will be traveling to Northern and Central Italy this October, and would like to buy the latest version. We'll be using it mainly for trip planning. I already own both MS and DeLorme locators. For real-time nav, we'll use a Garmin, which we can get for under $125 with lifetime maps.
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