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Make Driving Directions Editable
After all these years, I still cannot get used to the scrambled S&T digital verbal navigation instructions where the written instruction that has many conventional abbreviations is translated to vocal gibberish. Perhaps my favorite us "US", as in a highway designation such as US 202, is translated to "you-south." Also high on my list would be "Rd" which comes out "are-dee". This bitch has come up many times in this Forum in the past.

Perhaps a way to get around this would be for S&T to have the functionality of allowing users to edit the written driving direction instructions so that when S&T reads the instruction, it will come out more the way the user wants. For instance, it would be great to be able to take an instruction that has "US" in it and substitute, say, "you-ess" that might sound more realistic on the road. Any basic text editor will allow the user to do a Find-and-Replace operation that could clear this up.
I think an easier solution would be to use a more iintelligent text to speech engine, that could understand these kind of specialized abbreviation and got them well.
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