Send to GPS from Mapquest and Google Maps
I have been trying to use the new send to GPS feature in Mapquest and Google Maps. Both recognize the Garmin Mobile PC, but when I click Send, the error states that saving data to device failed or check connection. I have the Garmin Communicator plugin installed. I guess this is a new feature in Google and Mapquest and the communicator plugin needs to be updated? Any help with this?
same here!
Hi all I am playing with the GMPC trial but before I use it there are things to setup, like getting map info into GMPC from mapsource.

any clue please.

Thank you for the link, I tried this but "m a ps o urce" cannot see a device, I think that I read that renaming a file to .img would help so I am about to try that. Kenny444
Ken in Regina
I had the problem of Mapsource not seeing the Mobile PC device on my Win/XP system. It turned out I had an older version of Mapsource installed. I upgraded to the latest verion of Mapsource and then it found Mobile PC just fine.

It also turns out that with the correct version of Mapsource and Mobile PC installed you do not need to have Mobile PC running. Mapsource will find it and transfer to it even if it's not running. I need to update the other thread soon to reflect what I've found out since I wrote it.

When I updated Mapsource I tried to use the internal updater and had problems with it. So I just went to the Garmin Mapsource update site, downloaded the latest and installed it that way. Worked great.

Thank you very much I will try that shortly. kenny444
Ok a Big Thank you, I did need GMPC open, but have success with the new downloaded update of MS, all I need now is the instructions and there is a problem in that Garmin, google, autoroute, tomtom and Microsoft maps have all got my street wrong, I cannot navigate to my own house? Thanks again Kenny444
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