Mexico and Street Atlas 2009
I emailed DeLorme to find out about mexican coverage in 2009 . I was suprised to receive a response in approx. 30 minutes. Rather than a lengthly description, please go to their link at: http://www.delorme.com//byUse/familytravel/samples/Fam_RV_SA_Mexico/popup.htm
This gives a good description as well as an expandable sample map.
They also stated that since I had purchased a DeLorme product in the past (even without a customer number), I would receive a 20% discount on any purchase. This makes them more than competitive compared to Amazon or Ebay.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Pierce,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Mexico maps are hard to find in GPS navigation products. You may get some coverage of some cities (as shown on the link you provided), but in other areas you may only have major roads and highways. It's better than having no navigable map at all, but it's not of the same quality people are accustomed to in for example USA and Canada.
Ken in Regina
Hi Marvin,

It's probably worth mentioning that the reason it's hard to find good coverage of Mexico is not entirely the fault of the folks at DeLorme or Garmin or Microsoft or Navteq, etc. There are many countries in the world that simply do not have all the streets and roads surveyed as we do in Canada, America and most of the western European countries. So it's impossible for the data gathering companies, like Navteq and TeleAtlas and DeLorme to get data that does not exist. In other cases, the data may exist but the authorities refuse to release it.

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