Showing Route Stops as Pushpins or reducing size somehow
This has probably been brought up before but I have searched and cannot find it. When I create a route I may have multiple stops in order to force the GPS to go where I want it to go and not where the computer thinks it should go. Now I have clutter on my map with lots of numbers in little colored boxes. I completely get the reason for this - and I can change the order in Route Planner. But I cannot remove all or any of these numbers and I cannot change what they look like. Isn't there some way to control how this appears? Maybe this is something for future versions of S&T?

Another quick question for Marvin - I would love to see the dates posts are made so it is easy to see how old the post is. Many forums have this function. There is no point to me replying to a question that is 3 years old. Thanks for a great website. I am not criticizing - just requesting.
Ken in Regina
If you look top left of each post just above the name of the person who posted it you will see the date of the post.

Would the infromation in this thread help you with the colored boxes and how to get rid of them:

Thanks t923347 - that works with pushpins etc. But when I create a route using stops/waypoints the location must stay in place to control the route - force the computer to take the route I want. I want to hide the number but leave the stop so the route is unchanged. Right clicking on the Stop number does not get the drop down menu with Cut in it. I can remove the Stop and its number but that removes the stop from the route and changes the route. I want to hide those numbers or find another way to leave the stop on the route but minimize it somehow so I don't show all these big numbers all over my map. The map gets very cluttered sometimes and there should be a way to clean it up without losing the Stops and the planned route.
It depends somewhat on the purpose of the map.

If it is for a map that on which you are navigating a route, then I am afraid you are stuck with numbered sequential route stop boxes.

If, on the other hand, you just want a map showing the route as a visual presentation you could trace the route using the Draw tool that will produce a line that represents the route. To do this, you would create the route in the usual fashion and then select the Line draw tool and over-trace the route (in a color of your choice, black is the default). This requires either careful mousing or the use of something like a Wacom tablet with which you can use the stylus of more precise drawing.

Again, if it is just for visual presentation, you could use Photoshop. Take a screenshot of the map image once with the route in place and once without the the route, saving each separately as a file in Photoshop. Then, create a layer from each file. For the layer that has the unwanted stop boxes, create a layer mask and on erase the offending boxes on that mask. Then, combine the layers so that the layer with no route shows through the layer that does.

Not that I have ever done that. However, I use a similar technique to "remove" people from photos and it works very effectively.
A further thought: you may not really need all the stops that you manually enter into a route. You might find that fewer, but crucially-placed, waypoint stops achieve the same result without so many redundant stop-boxes.
Ken in Regina
As SpadesFlush says, sometimes you can reduce the number of routing points by drawing some "avoid" boxes instead. This will force the routing away from those areas and onto the roads you want.
Thanks for all the ideas. I have worked on some of those in the past. I know what you mean about trying to plan the route with as few stops as possible to get rid of the clutter. We also use Create GPS Trail and can show a route we took after we take it with no stops showing. As far as doing a pencil or stylus route - I still want the route on for GPS and not only that but my abilities in the line drawing art are non-existent so for me that is not an option. What we need is for Larry to figure a way for the program to work where we can minimize to size of the stops if we want - or some way to turn them off as we do with pushpins in Legend and Overview - but in Route Planner so the stops are still in planner but can be turned off on the map. I am sure if the experts think about it they can make it happen.
Agree it would be nice to "hide" route stop boxes as a user option.

Add it to the [LONG] wishlist.
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