Street Atlas USA 2009 and Earthmate LT-40
I just purchased this product and tried it out by putting in my destination coords and it does not seem that accurate.

We want to use this to locate some remote property we bought using the lat and longitude given us.
We also will be taking a newly purchased hand held Garmin eTrex Legend HC which claims accurate to 10feet.

Any help is appreciated before we go out on our "venture"
Marvin Hlavac
Hi bbhou,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

What kind of accuracy are you getting? Are you in USA or Canada?
Since I am new to this I will try to explain how I did it. Excuse my inexperience.
I loaded the Street Atlas on my laptop and got everything working at home. Took my laptop and drove over to my job which is less than 2miles from home... very close. I noted the Lat and long at work and the exact spot. I entered them into the software and then drove back home and made a route from home to work using the coords. Re-drove the same route. It told me all my turns until I got right up to the entrance at work then it never really told me to turn into there.
So I really don't know. I never saw or heard anything telling me I am here.
By the way I am in USA... Texas.

New twist now:
My laptop crashed so I reloaded the software and now the GPS will not connect. I tried it on 2 other laptops at work and from upstairs facing a southern exposure and it will not acquire a signal.
When I first set this up I placed the GPS in one of my upstairs windows at home with a southern exposure and it connected right up.
I returned the original one to FRY's last night and hooked up the new one.....same thing, will not acquire a signal.
I have checked all my setting and when I disconnect the GPS while it's try to acquire is says NO GPS so I know it sees it.
So right now I am at a loss on even getting this thing to work again.

There are a lot of factors that determine how the GPS acquires, even though you were able to get the 1st GPS to acquire in the building, it may not happen every time, where the satellites are in the sky is a major factor. So, we would recommend that you try to get a GPS signal outside. Also the first time that the GPS tries to acquire it may take several minutes as the GPS figures out that it is in TX.

Regarding the turn into your work, how far from the road was the lat/lon that you typed in? The software may just have said arrive at finish, rather than telling you to turn, especially if there is no entrance road in our data to your work location.
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