Garmin Mobile PC activation server de-activated
Warning to anyone migrating to a new PC, reinstalling OS, or just anything that requires you to reinstall GMPC and you are without a bundled GPS that acts as a hardware license key.

Garmin has turned off the activation server for the software.

That means if you don't have a bundled hardware GPS receiver, you cannot activate the software at all, not even use trial mode.

Garmin will not tell you how to preserve your old activation at all. You now have a piece of software that you paid money in good faith, that you cannot continue to use. Adobe deactivated their CS2 activation server and gave out serials (inadvertently to everyone) so that anyone wishing to use the 'obsolete' software can continue to do so.

I'm simply upgrading to a bigger SSD and now I'm stuck. I have yet to format my old drive because I KNOW somewhere in there lies my GMPC activation!!
Have you tried cloning your old hard drive to the new SSD? I believe you can maintain the GMPC product usage that way.

Yes, cloning will work, I've tried that. But I figure a fresh OS install wouldn't hurt either.

There's another, uh, undocumented way that I'm trying right now.
Interesting! Let us know if it is not too out there!

In short, yes it works.
I have 6 copies of GMPC (3 hardware, 3 software only). One of my laptops running software only lost its hard drive, so new HD and fresh windows install. . . was furious to find I couldn't reinstall software I paid for not that long ago (well, that's relative I guess).

I'm not finding much on alternative ways to activate the software in absence of the activation servers. . . if anyone's willing to email links/details on methods of accomplishing this to me I'd greatly appreciate it. lockmedicben@gmail.com

*please* don't make me go back to StreetAtlas lol!
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