OQO sells Garmin Mobile PC bundle
Marvin Hlavac

OQO Garmin Mobile PC GPS bundle

A complete navigation solution for OQO users includes:
  • - Garmin Mobile PC™
  • - RAM Mount
  • - airplane/car adapter
Bundle price: $237


Is $237 good price to pay?

Hmm, let's play with numbers:

Garmin Moble PC (software + hardware) MSRP: (from Garmin.com) $99.99 (distributors may sell for less)

Cradle + mount can be bought directly from RAM Mounts for $51.92 (distributors may sell for less)

How much can the 'airplane/car adapter' cost? I'm sure it's much less than the $85.09 we have still left. What am I missing? Aren't bundles suppose to save money to the buyer?
Marvin Hlavac
OK, I'd better post a correction: I just located the 'airplane/car adapter' at OQO web site. The accessory is rather expensive - costing $79. Still, though, the sum of all parts is less than the cost of the bundle. What's up with that, OQO?

But putting the price aside, OQO2 + Garmin Mobile PC = a great match!
The real question is why would you use a GPS system made for a car in a plane?
Marvin Hlavac
LOL, you've got a good point - there's no need to spend $$ on the expensive adapter . But then you will be reduced to watching in-flight movies when the battery of your OQO dies mid-flight .
I'm thinking that they're trying to sell it as a gps solution for a pilot of a small plane, such as a single prop cessna. That's only a guess though.
Marvin Hlavac
Garmin Mobile PC is really just for road navigation, but OQO is a full-featured Windows computer, and you can take it with you anywhere - even to an airplane for work or entertainment during your flight.
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