Combining multiple pushpin sets in Microsoft Streets & Trips
Over the years i have updated to the newer versions of streets and trips. 2009, 2011, and now 2013. I use this for delivery of magazines. The routes are split into different towns. Each route has around 200 to 400 hundred stops each. In the legends and overview under pushpins i have two or three different sets of pushpins that all work for one map. How can i combine them into one set? I'm sure when i first started i did something wrong, but it has never been an issue till now. 2013 has a feature where all the info can be turned on in each balloon, but only for the set i have clicked on. How can i combine them into one set?
I believe this link explains how to do what you want to do:


However, you may be better able to manage your magazine delivery address details if you exported them to an Excel spreadsheet.

There is no option to do this in S&T but from a comment in a post by Marvin, the webmaster for this site, I believe MapPoint can do this.

Download the time limited trial from here:


The fact that it is time limited shouldn't matter if you're only going to be doing this once.

Though as a business person you may find the enhanced data management features of MP may make it worth the additional, presumably tax deductible, expense.

I haven't tried this so this is only generic info.

Open your S&T file in MP and you should be able to export your pushpin sets. You could then combine them in Excel, save them as a .CSV file and then import them using the data import wizard in S&T.

I could write a lot more on the advantages of managing your delivery addresses in Excel or Access, eg add, change or delete delivery details and then export to S&T as required but this is probably teaching you how to suck eggs.

Send me a private message if you wish to pursue this further.

If you are a gun at Excel you could export from S&T to a GPX file and then parse it to extract the pushpin info.

In the example below (locations are in London because I only have AR loaded) I have replaced the Greater and Lesser Than symbols with { and } because web pages don't like the GT and LT symbols.

{wpt lat="51.4927380961182" lon="-7.01666734157798E-02"}{name}Third pin. No text.{/name}{/wpt}

{wpt lat="51.49807247386" lon="-6.72134770435022E-02"}{name}Second pin{/name}{desc}More text{/desc}{/wpt}

{wpt lat="51.4832987746852" lon="-0.038236649618721"}{name}First Pin{/name}{desc}Text{/desc}{/wpt}

By using a little Excel magic I could convert it into a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with the headings that S&T data import requires. Note that these aren't the exact headings. I haven't been able to find them listed. I know that Name 2 has to be listed as Name2. I can't remember the others.

I did work them out for a friend who was doing something similar to you, ie delivery to N, where N was different (anywhere between 1 and say 50) for every delivery run, out of 500 addresses. He used the route optimisation feature in S&T/AR to find the fastest/shortest route. I believe this saved him many hours per week.

Name, Name 2, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City, County/Province, Admin. Division, Country/Region, Postcode, Postcode 2, Latitude, Longitude
Glad to offer general advice but if you want to get the services of a real expert on using S&T or MP in a business environment I think you should contact My Point Exactly to see what they can do for you.

Winwaed Software Technology LLC may also be able to provide technical advice though I suspect that their data analysis/display software may be a bit high end for your business.


That said, their product MPRouteWriter may be of use to you:

Yes if you're just combining pushpinsets, then using MapPoint's own "Export to Excel" functionality is probably sufficient. Do a bit of cut&pasting in Excel and then re-import using MapPoint's Data Import Wizard.

If you are trying to combine waypoints from routes, or creating a route from a subset of pushpins then "MPRouteWriter/MPRouteReader" (both are two halves of teh MPRouteWriter product) is the way to go. See http://www.routewriter.com for details including a free trial.
Ok you all are fantastic. We have over 2500 stops and the info i just received is invaluable. Bill Parentingplus.com or bill@parentingplus.com
Originally Posted by edmonds6458
... How can i combine them into one set? ..
There is an easy way as follows.

1. Create a new set with one or more pushpins in it.

2. Select a set that you want merged into that set.

3. Select all the pins in that set (Properties->Matching highlight).

4. Right-click to get context menu and then select Cut.

5. Open the target set, go to Properties and Matching, right-click and then click on Paste.

6. Click OK and you are finished.

7. Repeat 2 through 6 as above as required.

8. You can delete your empty donor sets if you like.

P. S. If you do not want to eviscerate your old sets, you can use "Copy" instead of "Cut" in the above steps.
Ken in Regina
Of course you will make at least two copies of your current est files and hide them somewhere safe before you start any of this. Right?
Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
Of course you will make at least two copies of your current est files and hide them somewhere safe before you start any of this. Right?
Well, personally, I don't. I guess my comfort level with S&T is such that I trust it/me not to bugger it up. Worse comes to worst and I just don't save the mess. But also I routinely back up everything so I wouldn't have to go back far to recover.
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