Which software by Microsoft is the best street navi?
Which software by microsoft is the best most superior street navi........streets and trips or ???
Ken in Regina
"best most superior" for what? Trip Planning? Realtime navigation? Importing/exporting data? Business analysis and presentations? Something else?
Realtime navigation, like the garmin nuvi.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by knightbird111
Realtime navigation, like the garmin nuvi.
There is no difference between Streets & Trips or Mappoint for navigation. But both are different from the Nuvi. If that matters, there are numerous threads in here about that.
is there any piece of software for 2014 that is great for realtime navigation like the nuvi?
Ken in Regina
Your choices are limited in 2014 for Windows PCs/laptops/tablets. The only ones I'm aware of that continue to offer current map updates are:

Microsoft Streets & Trips (North America)
Microsoft AutoRoute (Europe)
Microsoft Mappoint
DeLorme Street Atlas USA (USA only)
DeLorme Topo North America (includes Canada but coverage can be bad)
ALK CoPilot Live v8 for Laptop

None of these are similar to the dedicated navigation devices like Nuvi, TomTom, etc. The dedicated devices are designed specifically to be touch friendly. The PC/laptop programs are not. They are all very powerful programs and very competent for what they were designed to do. They all have very strong realtime navigation functions. But they were not designed to be easy to use in/on the dash of a motor vehicle.

The closest you'll get to the dedicated devices would be something on a phone or tablet, like ALK CoPilot Live for Android. It's still a more convoluted interface than a Nuvi or TomTom but it's very touch friendly because it has been redesigned to work on a tablet.

If you look in the Google Play Store there are a number of other navigation apps; some which store the maps on the device but many which require a continuous data connection for the maps. I have not seriously evaluated any of the other available apps. And I am quite ignorant of what's available for Apple devices.

If you want free maps that are kept pretty current and something that will run on a Windows PC/laptop/tablet about the only option is an older Garmin program called nRoute and use OpenStreetMaps maps on it. I've installed it on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (Windows 8.1) and tested it with my Bluetooth GPS receivers and it works surprising well. But you will never confuse it with a Nuvi or TomTom. Just like all the other PC programs I listed above, it was designed to work with a mouse or similar pointing device, not your finger.

I still use my Nuvi 765T by preference in my car. I use a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx on my mountain bike and motorcycle. I have ALK CoPilot Live on my Android phone and tablet. It's really handy at times but they are not used as my primary navigation devices. I just got a Microsoft Surface Pro and have tested Garmin nRoute on it but will likely not use it except as a backup device. I use Garmin Mapsource and Basecamp as well as Google Earth on my Windows computers, including the Surface Pro, for trip planning, map management, managing my waypoints/favorites, and managing and viewing tracks of previous trips.

If I've missed any Windows navigation apps above that have current mapping data available and at least annual updates available I hope someone else will jump in and add to the list.

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