Canadian street names missing in CoPilot Premium
I purchased the copliot premium for my tablet on google play. I downloaded the usa/canada map. When I open the browse map it shows all of the US and Canada. If I zoom into an American city all the streets will appear with their names. When I zoom into a Canada city, even a large one like Montreal or Ottawa I do not see the street names. What is intersting is I can see the street names of the area around my location as detected by the GPS. Do I have to download another map?
Ken in Regina
You might just need to zoom further in. I ca zoom out to a level where I can see the red dot for my location and all the street detail but no street names. If I zoom one level in, the names appear on major streets and roads. If I zoom in another level, different street names appear and some others disappear. At some further zoom level all the street names appear.

If you are seeing the street details drawn on the map and just some street names not showing you likely just need to zoom in more. If it was a map missing you would not see the street details.

I'm in Regina and have used Copilot on my Android phone and tablet all over Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
I can see the street names at may location. It was when I would move the map to another area, say 100 km away, then try to soom in to see the street names that none would show up in Canada. But when I would look at the map furthe south into the Us it was OK you could get the street names to show up. I.m use to M&S on may laptop. I will fool around with it some more.
Most likely the problem is between the tablet and the chair!
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