CoPilot Bluetooth GPS BT-GPS-359
I have just bought a CoPilot Bluetooth GPS BT-GPS-359 ( no charger, no instructions and no disc ). I am trying to use it with my Lenovo T410 Thinkpad Windows 7, I have Microsoft Autoroute 2006 on it but I am having trouble with the Bluetooth scan. The Laptop does not see the CoPilot. The Bluetooth light is flashing slowly but no paring occurs. I can see my Smart TV in the device pairing box so the Laptop is looking. Also when I try this with my Samsung Tablet it does see the CoPilot. Any ideas??
Maybe the GPS is already paired with the tablet. It can only pair with one device at a time. Usually a flashing light indicates the BT device is paired already but that may not apply in your case.

EDIT: I see from a review that slowly flashing light indicates it is not paired.

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