Need a compass rose in Microsoft Streets & Trips
Hi all,

I'm considering using Streets & Trips 2011 or 2013 as my map for use in hunting hidden amateur radio transmitters.

Known as "fox hunting", similar to Lo-Jack in theory but used for finding stranded hikers or folks so bored or stupid that they intentionally disrupt amateur or commercial, as in police and fire radio transmissions.

I need, when drawing a line from a point, which would be determined by GPS input, a compass rose, so that I can draw the line in the direction of the received signal. We use a directional antenna to determine the azimuth.

The idea is to do this from at least two locations. Where those lines cross, there's the Fox. Look up "Triangulation" for the particulars.

Is there any aftermarket overlay that I can used to fulfill my need? Or, is there a competing mapping program which offers that feature?

The idea of copying and pasting the map into a drawing program wouldn't do-it for me. I need it real-time.

Thanks for any thoughts or assistance.

I use a clock that always stays on top that may be useful. It is at http://crossgl-surface-clock.en.softonic.com/

Although not a compass rose it might help..

What a neat solution! Thanks!

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