Transfer Route from nRoute to Garmin Nuvi 40
As you may have seen in yesterday's post from Malaysia I am using nRoute on a netbook and a Garmin Nuvi 40.


I have borrowed the Nuvi from a friend and I had never used it before 2 days ago (other than a test drive to my mother's place before we left home).

As I understand it I can plan the route on the PC and then transfer it to the Nuvi.

I have planned today's route in nRoute but I guess that I can only transfer a route to the Nuvi from Mapsource.

Is there any way to transfer the route from nRoute to the Nuvi?

Is there any way to transfer the route from nRoute to Mapsource?

I suspect the answer to both questions is no so that means that I have to plan the route in Mapsource.

However, since I still want to use nRoute while driving (Don't panic - I will be driving, Christine will be navigating) for ad hoc routing, eg "That offshore island looks interesting. How do we get out of this **** one way system to the bridge?" so the next question is, can I transfer the route from Mapsource to nRoute?

Any advice is welcome.
I think the only issue is you must save the route in the older version 2 gdb file. That is available in the dropdown for 'Save as' in MapSource. Those version 2 gdb files can be imported into nRoute.

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Thank you for your reply.

I created the route in Mapsource - Tick

I saved the route as a Type 2 .gdb file - Tick

I Imported the route into nRoute - Tick

I connected the switched off Nuvi to the PC.

In Mapsource I selected Transfer, Send to Device. It found Nuvi 40. An image of a PC and the satnav were displayed on the Nuvi.

Waypoints and Routes were ticked. I clicked Send. Data was successfully sent - Tick

I disconnected the Nuvi and switched it on. After discovering satellites it displays "Ready to Navigate" but no route is displayed - Cross

What vital step am I missing please?

Staying in Port Dickson tonight. Tomorrow we will drive 180 km up the coast to Kuala Selangor.
Originally Posted by werdnanostaw
What vital step am I missing please?
Unfortunately you're missing the most vital step: choosing a device that supports custom routes. The Nuvi 40 doesn't support custom routes or route transfer, so it doesn't matter what you do on the PC end, it just isn't gonna work...

You can send waypoints however and they should appear under Where To > Favorites (or maybe "saved places").
Thank you.

I didn't choose the device, it chose itself. A friend of a friend bought it in the USA while on holiday there. When he got back to Oz he found that buying the Garmin Oz map was dearer than buying a new satnav so he gave (sold?) it to my friend who is going to the US soon.

My friend went online and found an SD card with Garmin Oz for A$20.

He had asked me for assistance in setting it up so I knew it existed when we decided at the last minute to come to Malaysia.

Mon evening at 1800: Received email from FlyScoot announcing 4 hour sale, starting at 0500 the next day.

Tue at 0500: Booked Perth to Singapore (5.5 hour flight) for A$129 and S-P for A$99 with no luggage, seat allocation or meals. I have no idea how they make money on this as taxes and airport fees made up more than 50% of cost.

Thu at 1800: Departed Perth.

As you said, the waypoints were under Where to, Favorites. Via points weren't, ie where I had dragged the route using Insert route section. I went back to Mapsource and created waypoints from the Via points and re-transferred. Then on the Nuvi I added the destination and worked backwards inserting the waypoints as Via points.

Is it necessary to add the waypoints in this order or will Garmin sort them into geographical order? I don't think so.

In future I will have to number the waypoints so I can add them in the correct order. Random Malay street and place names such as Jalan Dato Padmanaban or Bandar Sri Sendayan don't exactly roll off the tongue / memory!

Two final (I hope) questions.

Yesterday the route I had created was stopped dead in it's tracks by two soldiers with guns because it went through an army base. Of course, nRoute insisted that I "Make a U-turn when possible" until I deleted the Via points.

1. If this happens again is there any way on the Nuvi to delete waypoints from a route rather than having to to re-enter the remaining waypoints? I don't think so.

2. American English-Samantha on the Nuvi is a really grating voice. Is there any free way to replace this voice? nRoute's voice is much nicer.
I just noticed the Detour button on the Nuvi. When I pressed the button it genned a route around the backstreets around the hotel to avoid taking the highway.

If you were out in the country would it find something like yesterday's 10km loop around the army base? Presumably, if it did it would try and direct you up the the road coming into the army base from the other side to the waypoint there so not a great deal of use in this case.

I guess it's for the situation where the road is closed, due to say a crash, and as long as there isn't a waypoint too near to the other side of the detour-causing site it would direct you around it.
Ken in Regina
Andrew, to choose a different voice on the Nuvi 40 go to Settings - Language - Voice Language.
Ken in Regina
I can't find a way to edit a route on my wife's Nuvi 40 once you create it, other than adding points to it. Makes sense that if you can't save a route you also can't edit it, I guess.
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