Hard drive fears.
Running my laptop continuously on the road has raised some concerns. Some of my destinations take me off road, but even worse sometimes you may hit a pothole or other hazzard on the road. I have been thinking about an SSD, or use a flashdrive to boot up my OS and my map program. I'd like to then come up with a way to be sure my hard drive was shut down. Any thoughts ? Has anyone suffered a HD failure because of running our beloved laptops while gps'n around?

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Derek,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Prayer keeps my hard drive going..
...and in addition to that, regular backups are recommended, too .

I think modern hard drives can handle more abuse than we give them credit for, but you really never know. Mechanical things do fail. SSD would be nice, but they are still quite expensive. If you can afford SSD, that's the way to go, though. SSD will make your system faster, too.

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