"NOT Connected" iTrek and Streets & Trips 2013
First, sorry for the length of this.

I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

I have an " iTrek M3" Bluetooth GPS receiver (obviously several years old)

Windows shows that the device is "NOT CONNECTED"

When I go to Device Manager and then the Bluetooth link, I find a link to:

BT-GPS-30C5D1 (which is my iTrek device)

I double click that link and I get to "Properties" which shows "The Device is Working Properly"

When I click the tab for "Driver" and click on "Up Date Driver", and search automatically for updated driver software, it states "The best driver software for your device is already installed. Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date." "Bluetooth Device" for BT-GPS-30C5D1

When I go to "Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Devices and Printers" I find that the Bluetooth Device BT-GPS-30C5D1 show as an "Unspecified (1) device and at the bottom of the screen it show it as"

"Model: Bluetooth Peripheral Device
"Catagory: Unknown
"Status: Not connected

When I open Streets and Trips and click on "Start GPS Tracking" I get a window message that says "The communications (COM) port is available, but no signal is being received. Make sure the GPS receiver is turned on and connected to the correct path."

When I click on "Configure GPS" in the GPS Pane of Streets & Trips I get a pop up window that says "GPS Settings" it shows the "Current Port" as Com 4 and in the window below that it shows the "Available Port" as Com 4.

Someone said that the iTrek has no device driver software specifically for it. The iTrek is a stand alone device???

Any thoughts on how I might get Streets and Trips and iTrek to recognize each other???

The iTrek may be set to other than 4800 baud and a refresh rate other than 1. If this is the case S&T will not see it. You probably need GPSView to adjust those parameters. I can't track it down right now but it may be on your CD.

Here's the one for the M7. It should work.

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