2007 GPS Locator won't work with Streets & Trips 2011
I have Streets and Trips 2011. I've been using the gps locator from 2007, but it broke. I bought a new S&T 2007, with a new locator -- it's just a small usb plug in, not the one that sticks on the windshield.
1. my computer won't recognize it.
2. it doesn't configure with S&T 2011.

1. how can i make it work?
or 2. where can i buy the old stick-on-the-windshield locator?

any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
Often the laptop is too electrically noisy and masks out the small satellite signals. Use the extension cord that came with the GPS to move it away from the laptop and closer to the window.

If you want a better GPS, consider the GlobalSat BU-353 S4. It is much more sensitive, has a permanently attached cord and can sit on the dash.

Ken in Regina
What Terry said. Especially about the BU353-S4. I recently sold and gave away all my USB receivers - including both the old and new Streets & Trips ones - except my BU353-S4.

(I'm downsizing. While I was at it I sold two cellphones, two tablets, two XM radios, and associated bits and pieces.)
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