Multiple point route planning software with reasonably current mapping?
I've been a long time user and fan of MS Streets & Trips, but the maps are always old, even when there is a new release (and we don't know when that will be).

I inspect houses under construction, so Streets seldom knows where to send me, but at least it will place imported pins on the ZIP code and let me move them manually to approximately where they should be. As clumsy as that seems, it appears to be my best option so far. Google has decent current maps, but their routing abilities are limited at best and I haven't found an option to import a list of addresses. I don't really need navigation, I've got good Android GPS when I need it, but is there an option to provide multiple point routing with reasonably current mapping?

I keep an excel spread sheet of roughly 200 address that I visit monthly. individual address are on the sheet for 3-9 months typically as I add addresses weekly and purge old ones monthly. Any suggestions? And does anyone have any idea why MS with all their technical expertise cant seem to update their maps more than once every 2-3 years, even in BING while Google seems to be able to map new streets within a couple of months?
Have you looked at either Tyre ( or ITN Converter ( Both are free and work as overlays of current Google maps in the case of the former and essentially all the internet maps on the latter. Both have search functions and both allow route building and manipulation. Both can produce a GPX file that you can import into S&T or navigation devices.

With regard to your MSFT question, it might be that S&T and AutoRoute are sunset products with diminishing demand given the ubiquity and quality of in-dash apps in everything from Smart cars to Bentleys.
It actually surprises me that Microsoft hasn't already pulled Streets and Trips, especially with the management changes. They surely don't make any money on that product.

If you use a Garmin device, there's Basecamp. Garmin's lifetime maps are updated four times a year, but of course people still complain that their favorite little roads aren't there.
As I see it, MS doesn't really need to revise S&T at all, the functionality is fine, just update the maps for a fee. $40-$50 a year for current maps would be fine. For some reason, they seem to think they have to update the software to justify the fee, like they do for Windows. they don't need a software development team updating and 'fixing' software.. they just need to set it up to use current mapping. or revise it to use Google maps so it's current. Then just charge an annual fee.
Elsewhere on this forum there is a long list of functionality requests from S&T users who would appreciate some enhancements beyond refreshing the map data base. About