Garmin HomePort problems and lack of features
doug white
I've been using nav software with a Garmin GPS since the GPS II was a hot product and Nobeltec was just emerging. The software I started with was Jeppsen View Point and later Jeppsen Marine Map. Either of these ancient pieces of software make HomePort look sad. I'd still be using Marine Map but it can only handle up to 12 bsb (free noaa format charts) Map extensions (.Kap files >_12.kap probably cause a numeric overflow and it goes boom). And it doesn't work well with newer gps units as it was written before usb was invented).
But compared to HomePort, this software is a jewel. In fact I suspect it's the basis for Plan2Nav, a smartphone nav product.

I'd like this thread to be a list of all we all find wrong with HomePort. I'll start.

1. The detail level slider is lame. Who needs to see current conditions while laying out a route? And that all HomePort is good for as it is not a navigation product. It does not work in real time with a GPS (if it did they might not sell as many dedicated chart plotters!). The current markers just get in the way of seeing DEPTHS, which go away at some combinations of detail level selected and zoom level. I always want to see depths when laying out a route. We need to be able to pick the specific features that are visible.
2. Currently when you right click on a waypoint and delete it, HomePort deletes the route. How lame is that?
We need a rich right click menu with options such as adding a waypoint, renaming one, deleting one, etc etc.
3. the interface is so lame it took me around 9 hours to lay out about 350 miles of icw route. I did the same thing in Marine Map in under an hour!

I'll add to this, I hope others do. Lets shame Garmin into fixing this mess.
PS to Garmin we have a dedicated garmin chart plotter on the boat, but it doesn't have a compute or keyboard/mouse input, so inputting routes is impossible!
Originally Posted by doug white
Lets shame Garmin into fixing this mess.
PS to Garmin we have a dedicated garmin chart plotter on the boat
A lot of people are unhappy with the direction that Garmin has taken with their software in recent years. But do you seriously think you will "shame" them into anything by posting on this site? Really, I doubt that they are even aware that it exists, or that they would care if they do.

Good luck with your quest though. Personally I keep my feet on dry land, and couldn't afford a boat even if I wanted one.
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