Will Surface Pro 3 have an integrated GPS sensor?
I pre-ordered a Windows Surface Pro 3 tablet.There seems to be conflicting report indicating it might NOT have an integrated GPS sensor. I want to travel using Streets and Trips using my tablet. If Surface pro 3 doesn't have an integrated GPS, what do you suggest I buy as external sensor? Anyone can indicate if S & T will work with Surface pro 3 and windows 8.1 Pro?
The SP3 will not have an integrated GPS sensor. Normally that function is provided as a chip on a cellular card. The SP3 does not offer that option.

Any USB GPS such as the GlobalSat BU353 S4 would work fine if you don't mind a wired connection and using the only USB port. A better but more expensive option would be a Bluetooth GPS.

I have tried S&T on a Surface Pro 1 running 64 bit Win 8.1.1 Pro with no issues so it should work fine. The screen shot is while using an iTrek M7 BT GPS device.

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I have followed your advice and purchased a BU353 S4 and , additionnally a Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz G183 1 79.95
High Speed Bluetooth GPS
Receiver (66 ch MTKII,
Dual Interface

I don't want to take a chance !!!
The Qstarz is an excellent device. Just make sure it is set to 1 Hz as S&T will not support anything faster.

Thanks Tcassidy, you are of great help.Continue this volonteer work essential for GPS users like me
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