Streets & Trips 2007 hangs/crashes, randomly
Good afternoon everyone, and thank you for such wonderful forums!
I have been a lurker here for several years, and thank you all for solving your problems, as that has helped me solve many of mine!
That being said, let's get to it.

I drive around installing signs on convenient stores, and use a locking dock to mount my laptop in the rental car. I setup my maps by importing an excel spreadsheet of 20-100 poi's (sometimes more), and sometimes everything works perfectly, and sometimes not (crashes the program). Never to start, always at some point during use. Sometimes it will be when I zoom out, sometimes it will be after running "create gps trail" for a while, and sometimes it will be with a virgin map that I didn't do anything but "turn on GPS tracking", and manually pan to follow my location. Very frustrating. In fact, I thought it was a ram issue with my MK1, so I upgraded to an MK2, and then, incidentally, to an MK4, just because the opportunity presented itself (3 separate computers).
But the problem persists.

I have S&T 2007 running on a Panny Toughbook, and it hangs/crashes quite often, and seemingly randomly. I'll try to be concise. My current setup is;
CF29 MK4, 2gb ram, 160gb hdd, petium M 1.6ghz, serial touch screen, OEM bluetooth with toshiba drivers, and an internal aftermarket Customtoughbooks Ublox 6 (?) GPS kit, curioustech xport, Win XP (Panny OEM Image), upgraded to sp3, Senao 8602+ with WLAN client, and softrightclick (little app to simulate tap and hold right click for TScreen).

I have also ran into this same problem on an CF29 MK1, MK2, MK3, (centrino and pentium M processors, with DDR1 and DDR2 ram), and with SP2, AND a different internal GPS unit (holux GR87), AND with different RAM and HDD's for over a year now. My GPS units are seen as GPS units in the BIOS and are connected via the internal oem designated GPS serial port (rs232).

I'm a pretty simple guy, and tend to run the same software over and over: office xp, winrar, cutepdf writer (pdf printer), foobar2000 (audio), firefox, autocad 2k, power menu (adds extra functions to taskbar icon context menus), vista switcher (shift+tab vista like preview interface), glary utilities, ccleaner, tagscanner, curioustech xport (creates multiple virtual com ports for nav programs to share 1 actual gps device), utorrent, vlc, truecrypt, silverlight, and a few others. I tend to run older software, without all the updates because they are bloaty and generally unnecessary. I have automatic updates turned off, and haven't had a virus or malware infection in years. I can't say all my software is %100 legit, but I have tested it all thoroughly, been using it for years, and this is the only problem I'm experiencing, or have experienced that I couldn't figure out, for several years, now.

I'll be driving along and it will hang/crash. and then keep on hanging and crashing randomly. And sometimes, not; it will go all day with no issues. I have tried stock maps with no custom poi's, and only 20 custom poi's, or 1200 custom poi's

I have checked eventvwr.msc, and see it in the software section (screenshot attached). I have also tried different print drivers, no print driver, reinstalled whatever engine the MS KB article had said to, and it doesn't make a difference. Even reinstalling the program doesn't really help.

How do I figure out why it's crashing so i can fix it? (it's really pissing me off)

Please help, and thank you soo much, again!
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I feel your pain and have had similar experiences.

I have informally concluded that it has something to do with how much "stuff" you have in your active *.EST file. The two leading culprits there are pushpins and GPS trail data points (waypoints). The latter especially takes up a lot of lines in the *.EST file. I have essentially stopped creating GPS trails when I am using S&T all day long and that seems to have helped.

100 pushpins is not a lot. I have many sets with pushpins in the thousands but I don't show them if I am not using them. That may help. Also, I tend to delete visible pushpins out of the area I am likely to travel through to reduce the clutter.

Finally, it might be good idea to up-grade to a newer version of S&T. You can get 2010 for under $20 (see http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002LLR87E/ref=sr_1_cc_1_olp?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1403...+2010&condition=used). I have the impression that 2010 handles files better than did 2007 but I cannot prove it. Although I own S&T 2013, I still use 2010 quite satisfactorily and I don't think there is much difference between that and 2011 or 2013 beyond the up-dated map data bases.
thing that really pisses me off, is that for the longest time, 2007 ran perfeclty on my MK1 1.3ghz 1.2gb ram model. I don't know what I did differently that started and continues causing it to crash.
I got my hands on a copy of 2009, and it would crash, too; something about a database engine error (I forget).

I'm going to look into 2010 and 2013/14. I just hate using the newest software because it often does stuff I don't need, that still eats up system resources even though I don't use it (those features). I don't need to click a link and have S&T launch, or pull someones address out of my address book (which I absolutely don't use), or from IE (which i *only* use to download pale moon or firefox after fresh install of windows).

I'm very tempted to say screw M$ and go to Mint. I know the linux GPS mapping programs have gotten better. I only need to be able to search for/pin an address, import a list of addresses, track my position, and pan/zoom. I don't need guidance, trails, rotating maps, or integration with outlook.

I'm just soo frustrated with it. Something changed, I don't know what it is, or how to fix/compensate for it, and now S&T 2007 keeps crashing.
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A note on Amazon, If you buy download software and need to download it again later, it works great esp if you have to rebuild a hdd on the road.
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