Microsoft discontinues MapPoint, Streets & Trips, AutoRoute
Marvin Hlavac
Microsoft has discontinued its entire group of PC mapping software products. There will no longer be new versions of MapPoint, AutoRoute, and Streets & Trips.
Too bad, I was really hoping for a touch friendly version. Pretty soon there will only be Delorme! I know ALK is hanging in there but the majority of their consumer product development seems to be concentrated on phones. Maybe the truck version is different.

Baja Boojum
I'd have been surprised if they continued producing these products, but I'm sorry to see them go.

Instead of a navigation aid during driving (there're plenty of good apps for this), I primarily use S&T for pre-trip planning, such as routes, distances, costs, etc. Has anyone found an up-to-date alternative for this purpose?

Thanks, Marvin, and to this community for many years of friendly advice, help, and discussion.

Ken in Regina

Garmin continues to develop and support their Basecamp program. Here's the blurb from their site:

"Make the most of your next outdoor activity or relive the trips you’ve taken. Our free BaseCamp software lets you plan outdoor activities, organize your data and share your adventures with others."

Here's the download link. The page contains much more detail about it. It's free but you need Garmin compatible maps. You can use Open Street Maps for testing to see if it's for you.

Hello all,

Today we announce the end of another era, the discontinuation of Microsoft Streets & Trips. We so appreciate the support of our dedicated users over the years. I have personally loved working on Streets & Trips, AutoRoute and MapPoint. I will certainly miss meeting the RVers at the Rallies and RV shows across the US. It was a tough decision. Wishing you all safe and happy trails!

For those who haven't seen the official notice yet: http://www.microsoft.com/streets/
Ken in Regina
Hey Larry, it has been a pleasure to have your involvement and support here. It has significantly enriched the experience. A couple of questions if you don't mind:

Is there a way to use Bing Maps offline if you are in a situation where you might not be able to get online and need to do some planning or revisions to a trip? Eg. Google Maps will let you cache an area for offline use. Does Bing Maps have an equivalent?

Does Bing Maps have any equivalent to the routing and other trip planning features in the laptop products?

By the way, the page you linked with the official announcement required me to login first.

Although of less interest to Streets & Trips, our MPExporter MapPoint add-in product should help MapPoint users get their data into other formats (KML, interactive HTML, and SVG). We pushing it into a main release this morning. See http://www.mpexporter.com for details.
Larry I met you at the Louisville show. I had the New Laptop with XP on it.
What does this mean for you?
Will you be staying at Microsoft?
Moving to another Microsoft product?
I think I've owned every version of S&T and will certainly miss it. It has been a good ride.

For anyone that is thinking of moving to Garmin's Basecamp be prepared for a fairly steep learning curve. It certainly isn't anywhere near as easy to use as S&T. Also it will require Garmin maps be installed on your computer, as Ken notes, but if you have a Garmin device with maps installed on it you can attach the device to your computer and Basecamp will use those maps.
Baja Boojum
I appreciate Ken's suggestion, but I looked at Basecamp and agree, especially since I don't have a Garmin device. At this point, it isn't worth the expense and trouble. S&T 2013 will still work for most of my trip planning purposes for quite a while.

Larry: I second Ken's interest in beefing up Bing Maps with offline and planning features. Also, thanks for being the 'face' of S&T; it's always nice when we can deal with a real person directly involved with the technology.
Originally Posted by ktoutdoor
Larry I met you at the Louisville show. I had the New Laptop with XP on it.
What does this mean for you?
Will be staying at Microsoft?
Moving to another Microsoft product?
You guys are awesome. I greatly benefited from interacting with you all. Thankfully, I am still working at MS just focusing on other areas in the company.

There seems to be some Bing Maps caching but I agree it would need to be 'beefed up' in order to be used as a S&T replacement. I would love to see that happen.

For the time being, I'm still planning on using S&T 2013 for my trip planning and navigational needs.
Thanks, Larry, for your shepherding this family of products through the various iterations and dealing with us all out here in consumerland. Your patience and endless enthusiasm has made a real difference to us all. You certainly put a human face on a company that at other times seems to be distinctly impersonal. Although these navigation products have not exactly turned into a cash flow replacement for Office, I sincerely hope that MSFT finds a way to continue to use your skills for our and the company's benefit.

Again, thank you very much!
Bill B
Thanx for being here Larry. I know that it is an on-line world, but we (and many of our friends) go to many places that internet is not available. That leaves out Bing and the rest. I was so looking forward to ST2014 with touch for the tablet that I have a tab on IE just to check for it's release. Sigh - might as well delete that.

And I just convinced 2 new people to start using it.
Saw that one coming….


Originally Posted by Baja Boojum
I appreciate Ken's suggestion, but I looked at Basecamp and agree, especially since I don't have a Garmin device.
I would have to agree that it doesn't make a lot of sense to use Basecamp unless you have a dedicated Garmin PND. Garmin used to make a navigation program called MobilePC that had a user interface similar to their Nuvi PND's. It was designed to work in companion with Mapsource, the route planning software that preceded Basecamp. Unfortunately they discontinued both MobilePC and Mapsource.
We are probably coming to USA later this year. My version of S&T is 2007 so I thought I should get the latest version while it is still available.

Do you think it will continue to be sold by MS or if there's likely to be a "runout" sale (runout is an amusing concept for a download only product)?

Does anyone know of a site that will sell it as download only for less than MS?

Is it on special as a posted DVD from any online stores?

I just checked whether the MS Store will sell S&T to me. They will, for US$39.95.

It seems that the trick I used to buy AR last year of using my friend's US address and my Citibank US issued debit card still works.
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