Microsoft discontinues MapPoint, Streets & Trips, AutoRoute
Originally Posted by Larry
Hello all,

Today we announce the end of another era, the discontinuation of Microsoft Streets & Trips. We so appreciate the support of our dedicated users over the years. I have personally loved working on Streets & Trips, AutoRoute and MapPoint. I will certainly miss meeting the RVers at the Rallies and RV shows across the US. It was a tough decision. Wishing you all safe and happy trails!

For those who haven't seen the official notice yet: http://www.microsoft.com/streets/
I appreciate reading the "official" notice. We were travelling this summer and really were not in the loop. I will really miss MS S&T. It is my first planning tool for our trips. Although it was not the most user friendly, it was very functional, being able to change the order of the trip. I will miss it and was ready for the update.
I still use mine...
Well that stinks.

I do want to thank Larry for his dedication to S&T over the years and wish him luck as he moves on to other projects at Microsoft.

One thing comes to mind, however. Will there be some kind of fix that turns off the construction update function?
Linechaser: Hear! Hear!

re. the Construction Update: I've ignored it since starting to develop for MapPoint about 10 years ago...
Originally Posted by Baja Boojum
I'd have been surprised if they continued producing these products, but I'm sorry to see them go.

Instead of a navigation aid during driving (there're plenty of good apps for this), I primarily use S&T for pre-trip planning, such as routes, distances, costs, etc. Has anyone found an up-to-date alternative for this purpose?

Agreed. Like Baja Boojum I used S&T for pre-planning. Sort of my own little Fantasy Traveling for a 2yr RV trip around North America when Powerball allows me to buy that 45ft Prevost! On the road I am more than satisfied with my Tomtom XL. About the only thing that isn't working on my S&T2013 are the construction information updates. I can live with that.
Ken in Regina
There is no reason to stop using S&T for trip planning. You can still add updated POI files and waypoints (pushpins). The most important features on the maps change very little over time so the 2013 maps should be good for quite awhile.

Well, loyal as I am to S&T, I would qualify the "no reason" part of your post, Ken. And that is because new roads keep being added to the landscape, bridges are replaced sometimes in new positions with new access points, and roads are closed. Therefore, S&T's relevance and reliability even for route planning purposes decays in a sense over time.
Richard in South Carolina
Wow, I just discovered that Streets & Trips has been discontinued. I'm sad. What now? Will you folks continue to use the program or move to something else.
I continue in my dogged fashion to use it. Most of the roads are still there.
Richard in South Carolina
S & T is the only trip planning software I have ever used. I love the program and was so hoping that Microsoft would come out with a version with larger icons so I could use the GPS in my car. I'm sad.

Any idea the reason to give it up? I had the impression it was very popular.
Perhaps it was overwhelmed by mobile apps and their ubiquity.
Richard in South Carolina
I'll keep using S&T until something better comes along. Just so I know are there other similar products to S&T on the market?
Ken in Regina
There are a couple that are kind of similar if it's the trip planning you want. DeLorme's Street Atlas has a lot of similar functions. It does not have exactly all the features but it's pretty powerful. It has GPS ability so you can use it for navigation as well as planning. It has the advantage that DeLorme is still providing map updates. It has a completely different user interface so the learning curve is steep. And the map coverage outside the lower 48 US states leaves something to be desired.

The other possibility is Garmin's Basecamp (free). It needs Garmin maps (not free) or Garmin compatible maps (large selection of free and not free). Both commercial and free maps are being kept up to date. The user interface is different again and has an even steeper learning curve than Street Atlas. It does not have a GPS capability so it's strictly for planning. It's powerful in many ways but the trip planning is still playing catch up with Streets&Trips.

Hi, I'm late coming to this site and I am also sorry to see S&T leaving as I use it in the RV and will continue to do so until another like program surfaces. I have a question that maybe Larry can respond to.

I have the ASUS Transformer T100 with MS 8.1 and I'm wondering if the plug-in Navation GPS 168 - Model 1372 can be configured to another App program to make a sat connection for real-time GPS monitoring?
Ken in Regina
Yes. The 168 sends generic NMEA data strings. Any app that uses NMEA data will work with it.

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