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Has anyone come up with a way to modify the balloon text box so that it is wider? I need it to be more landscape oriented rather than portrait.

Welcome to the forum! Great question.
The balloons dynamically increase in size as more room is needed however as you have discovered there is a limit. You'll find that you can enter more text than what can be displayed in the balloon. If you wish to see this 'hidden' text just click on the balloon text and drag down (to scroll). This is the only workaround I know to this limitation.
My Point...Exactly
Thanks for the info Larry. Question for you on Balloon Width: I've got a user who's balloon width's are significantly narrower in his 2013 than 2010. In fact - the balloon width's on his machine running S&T 2013 are significantly narrower than the 2013 balloon width's on my machine when I open his file. (Note: He opened his 2010 file in 2013 and sees the smaller balloon widths. Has been updating the map as he goes over the years, and doesn't have a source Excel to reimport).

Any suggestions for this user to adjust the width of balloons as they show on his PC? I'm stumped as to why his are so narrow.

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I have no idea what BAK is trying to achieve except that perhaps he/she wants more information associated with individual pins. Perhaps there is a work-around that meets his/her needs. That would be using the hyperlink capabilities built into pushpins.

Pushpin hyperlinks can relate to files as well as websites. This has been discussed elsewhere in this forum and a simple search should get you there. So, you could populate a folder with text files that contain the pushpin elaborations that are desired. Then, the pushpin balloon need show only a few words or characters that are short titles for the individual file contents. Up-dates such as sales prospect calls or service visits could be entered in the simple text files that would be easily accessed via the pushpin and without altering the pushpin text itself every time data is up-dated.

At the end of the day, there is much more you can do with linked files than you can do just within the balloon text of a pushpin so why not use pushpins as gateways to those files?
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