Garmin Mobile PC and Topo 24 maps detail too high.
Garmin Mobile PC (v5.00.70g) tried TOPO USA 24k map and getting too many relief lines displayed at once so they merge into solid area on large scale maps.

Changing map detail level "least" in settings helps somewhat, but makes all relief be almost flat.

I read about some additional file you can create that will tell Garmin device what details to show on map etc, i forgot what was the name of it?

Are there any other way to make it show less relief lines?
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You can create a custom .typ file that alters the appearance of the map - see this thread for starters, however the website mentioned there no longer exists:


Here's another thread on the topic, although it refers to the Nuvi.


HOWEVER, there is one big caveat on MobilePC: bitmapped types do not work properly. Lines will display erratically and polygon fills will contain garbage. This is a big limitation of MobilePC unfortunately. But you can use regular types on MobilePC - bitmapped types use an image to create lines and polygon fills. So a bitmapped line could be dotted or dashed and a bitmapped polygon could have little trees in it. Regular types just allow solid colors.

For editing .typ files I currently use TYPviewer: https://sites.google.com/site/sherco40/

For Garmin's newer 24k maps, you might need to first convert them to the old format with MapReverseConverter. I remember doing this for mine, but not sure if it's necessary now since some recent tools allow you to change .typ files for the new maps (gmap format).
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