GPS BU-353 S4 Windows 7 - 64 conflict?
We just completed a 6100 mile car trip to visit family scattered all over.
I run ST2013, normally it works the best of everything. But most of the way the GPS Car kept graying out and being unresponsive. Always when I needed it the most!

I run two laptops, one a Asus Netbook w7 starter, the other a Toshiba TECRA w764 Pro. After I returned home, I found out & bought the BU-353 S4 (old was S3). I loaded the software on the Asus with an external dvd drive. No problems everything loaded right .. went smoother than clockware! Normal for Asus Netbooks. DMgr shows Ports (COM & LPT), when usb is plugged in, & "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM3)"

However the Toshiba is being a pain. The Toshiba is really a w864 Pro but M$ allowed it to be sold new as w764 Pro. Normally it wants all software & drivers in w764 format. When I try to load the Serial Controller D driver, I get failed real quick! Shows Device driver software was not successfully installed USB - Serial Controller D Failed. The Toshiba is my main backup for the Asus.

Any ideas?? M$ had no driver solution for issue.
Why you think this is a Microsoft problem is beyond me. Install whatever operating system you feel comfortable with that Toshiba provides drivers for your model for. As I said in another thread, Microsoft directed me to a Prolific site (which I listed) to download the appropriate drivers when I plugged in the S4 on Win 7 64. It worked fine.

If that does not solve your issues, take it up with Toshiba, not Microsoft!!

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