Windows 7 - 8 tablet with accurate GPS
Hi people

I have spent alot of time looking for reviews on tablets with true built in GPS but very few reviewers include GPS evaluations.

The GIS , navigation and route tracking functions i want are available in the Algiz 7 and Yuma 2 but they are $3000 - 4500 rugged tablets.

what are the cheaper tablets that will do the same thing ?

I dont need rugged aspect , just the functions.

built in GPS
WiFi connectivity
Windows 7 or 8 required as some of my apps use apache flex and not compatible with Android or apple IoS
long life battery
SD card or more than 64 gig memory
USB port

any suggestions on what to look at ?

many tablets that are advertised as having GPS are misleading , they only use cell tower triangulation and do not work in the field
If you don't really need the GPS to be part of the tablet itself (i.e.: if your main interest is navigating in a vehicle rather than walking around with the tablet in your hand), then you'd be just as well off - and probably better off - with an external GlobalSat BU-353 SiRF4 or a Bluetooth GPS receiver with the S4 chipset if available (AFAIK, all of GlobalSat's BT GPS receivers are SirRF III).

An unobstructed line-of-sight path to the satellite provides better performance, probably enough to make up for the slightly worse performance of the older SiRF III chipset). Even the latest & greatest internal GPS receiver will always be at a disadvantage if you mount the tablet in a convenient to see/use location in the vehicle.
I was completely unaware of the Garmin GLO. Accuracy looks pretty impressive.

Thanks for the link and for posting those test results in that thread.

Looks like it sells for close to the full $99 retail price pretty much everywhere now.
Thanks. I also did a review of the GLO for GPSTracklog, not sure if I put a link in that old thread: http://gpstracklog.com/2013/04/garmin-glo-review.html
Just be aware the GLO will not work with S&T under any circumstances because of its nonadjustable refresh rate.

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