Where in Canada to buy Street Atlas 2014?
Al Nelson
Anybody know where I can buy DeLorme Street Atlas 2014?
Al Nelson
I tried that but it would not accept a Canadian address. I selected 'Canada" from the list but as soon as I hit 'Continue', it switched back to U.S.A. and requested I re-input my address. I was hoping someone in Canada would be selling them.
I did try to order from Delorme a while ago but their shipping costs to Canada were atrocious. I see The GPS Store (US) has it but they only ship FedEx (~40 product ~80 shipping) so they are out! Amazon Canada lists the 2013 product with BU-353 but the box says 2014. You might want to check but I don't think Delorme is interested in selling to Canada.

Ken in Regina
Terry's probably right about them not having a great deal of interest in selling in Canada. Their Street Atlas product has always been light on coverage in Canada (and Alaska). As I've mentioned elsewhere, it's an excellent product if you want to navigate in the continental USA.

If you are running windows 7,8 or 8.1 SA 2014 with gps causes a blue screen computer crash. I have a new 2014 street atlas plus and BU353S4 gps that comes in the package. I am considering selling.
Blue screen problems in Win 8 are usually related to hardware rather than software. That would point to the BU 353. Did you download the driver that Windows directed you to?


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