Tracking Multiple Units
I have a few different vehicles that have laptops with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 installed on them. I was wondering if I could have them all broadcast each other's positions live to each other. So for instance, every computer could see all the others in real time. Is this possible with this software? I think I remember seeing it done before, but don't recall how it was done. Any help on this topic would be appreciated.
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... Is this possible with this software? ...

Unfortunately, "tracking" is still a whole different category of GPS exploitation from "navigation" which was S&T's space in the product spectrum and now abandoned.
Ken in Regina
It can be done with the laptops and GPS receivers, just not with Streets and Trips. Take a look at GPSGate.

Just remember you need some method of transmitting a signal from the vehicle back to a central point. Usually cellular as the GPS does not get involved with that in any way. The software at the vehicle only takes the GPS data from the satellites and determines the vehicle's own location.

iTrek used to have GPSgate come with some of their units. The GPS device would log location at set intervals.
Later, the log could be downloaded to S&T . . .
Very cool. . .I used it on horseback up to the Mexican butterfly preserve and then downloaded the trip location onto the map. (no streets involved - it was a dirt trail but still fun to do).
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